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#10 mẫu thiết kế tiểu cảnh trong nhà cho nhà ống thêm xanh

Chào mừng bạn đến với website Bảng Giá Online,Hôm nay chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu bạn đến bài viết  #10 mẫu thiết kế tiểu cảnh trong nhà cho nhà ống thêm xanh Hãy cùng banggiaonline.com tìm hiểu bài viết #10 mẫu thiết kế tiểu cảnh trong nhà cho nhà ống thêm xanh này nhé!

In the architectural design of tube houses, creating a cool and aesthetic miniature space is something that many people are interested in. Small landscape is the way that you add color and beauty to the house, but it needs to be designed so that it does not affect and occupy too much space of other interior parts inside the house. Together Vietnam Construction look at some samples small scene in the house for the tube house!

When designing indoor miniatures for townhouses, homeowners often design according to their own preferences and creativity. The following miniatures can help you spark that creativity. Let’s find out and think about which miniature design will be suitable for your beloved home.

#Form 1

Indoor miniatures for tube houses-1
Small indoor landscape for tube houses – 01

The design of the miniature landscape has a classic style that is very eye-catching. The creativity in design, care to every detail, each object and object seems to be breathed into it, creating sophistication and luxury.

#Model 2

Indoor miniatures for tube houses-2
Small landscape for tube houses – 02

The small miniature model with the emphasis on black rocks and potted plants makes a difference but is still very harmonious with the design of the house.

#Model 3

Indoor miniatures for tube houses-3
Small landscape for tube houses – 03

The miniature model placed under the stairs is used quite a lot, it helps to make use of the empty areas to create a beautiful space for the house. In addition, you can refer to: Beautiful miniature model under the stairs.

#Form 4

Small indoor scene for tube house-4
Small landscape for tube houses – 04

A very smart and beautiful design. With green bamboo trees combined with artistic details on the wall to make a difference for the house.

#Model 5

Small indoor landscape for townhouses - 5
Small townhouse scene – 5

#Model 6

Light blue tones create comfort. With a simple, uncluttered design, this design brings a sense of comfort, elegance.

Small indoor scene for tube house-6
Small landscape for tube houses – 6

#Model 7

The miniature model with ceramic vases and small grasses, combined with the lighting system, enhances the house’s outstanding appearance, helping the house to be less monotonous.

Small indoor scene for tube house-7
Small landscape for townhouses – 07

A perfect miniature model with many details, different colors, with the special detail of the waterfall being a highlight.

>> Reference: Landscape design of skylights

#Model 8

Indoor miniatures for tube houses-8
Small landscape for townhouses – 08

When looking at this miniature model, surely many people will feel extremely relaxed and serene. With the main blue color, combined with a Buddha statue, showing the owner’s attitude towards the good.

#Model 9

Small indoor scene for tube house-9
Small indoor landscape for townhouses – 09

A very simple yet very elegant design. Although not too fussy, it creates a beautiful and eye-catching space, covering the space under the stairs.

#Model 10

Small indoor scene for tube house-10
Small indoor landscape for townhouses – 10

A rather sophisticated design with many details creates a rather spacious miniature space. Your home will really stand out if you own a miniature model like this.

>> Reference: Small landscape of terrace garden

With samples small scene in the house Above, you can choose a suitable template for your home, or use them to spark creativity to design a miniature model yourself. If you are looking to design a beautiful tube house and need advice. Please contact Vietnam Construction, you will definitely get the most useful advice. Love!!!

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