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I. What are beautiful eyes like?

A beautiful woman in the eyes of men is first of all someone who possesses special attractive features on her face, including her eyes.

Women with beautiful eyes definitely make men fall in love, day and night remember. That’s why there are good sayings about beautiful eyes like “drink the wrong eye, the drunkenness follows for a lifetime”.

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So what is a beautiful standard eye? Do you know what beautiful eyes make thousands of people fall in love?

1.1 The eyes are in harmony with the face

First, beautiful eyes must be balanced eyes in terms of the overall face, creating harmony and achieving the “golden” ratio compared to other parts such as eyebrows, nose, mouth …

The image of beautiful eyes, in proportion to the parts of the face

The distance between the two eyes compared to the distance between the two nostrils and the two eyebrows must be equal; The wings of the nose, the corners of the eyes and the tails of the eyebrows are connected to form a straight line.

It is depicting beautiful eyes in its combination with other facial features. All create a beautiful whole, especially attracting the opposite sex.

However, sometimes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, not in the “pink cheeks of the maiden”. Because, not everyone has the same view of beauty.

1.2 Big and round double eyelids

Folks often think that people with single eyelids or “small eyes” are “thief wards” because of the lethargy and fatigue shown in their eyes.

Therefore, a beautiful double eyelid is always considered the standard and the beauty that every woman or even man is aiming for.

beautiful eyelids

In your opinion, are single eyelids more beautiful or double eyelids more beautiful? Are double eyelids good or bad?

Eyes are considered “windows to the soul”, beautiful, clear, sharp eyelids will give the owner a gentle, sympathetic look, easier to succeed in work and life.

1.3 The tail of the eye is pointing upwards

Another criterion that evaluates the eyes beyond the beautiful eyelids and harmony is “smiling eyes”, the corners of the eyes are directed upwards.

“Smiling eyes” show the smart, agile, cheerful and optimistic personality of the owner, especially easy to create friendliness, attract the opposite person quickly and leave deep and lasting impressions. .

beautiful eyes images

Who do the cutest smiling eyes you know belong to?

Those are 3 common criteria to evaluate an attractive, attractive, beautiful eyes by modern standards. So who has eyes that converge all these 3 elements and deserve the title of people with the most beautiful eyes in the world?

In the list of famous stars, we can easily find ravishing eyes with extremely special charm.

Let’s admire to see if the eyes below are enough to make you fall in love when looking at them.

II. Top 17+ pictures of people with the most beautiful eyes in the world

2.1 Women with the most beautiful eyes on the planet

beautiful women in the eyes of men

One of the most beautiful eye colors in the world belongs to Aishwarya Rai – Painter of the World 1994. Her beautiful eyelids and magical blue eyes made the whole world admire.

The most beautiful eyes in the world

Charming beautiful eyes of Angelina Jolie Dubbed one of the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

beautiful eyeshadow

Child model Kristina Pimenova – Russia is considered the baby with the most beautiful eyes in the world with big round eyes, beautiful blue eye color that moves people.

The list of unusually beautiful eyes is sure to have a name Megan Fox with dark gray eyes.

how to have beautiful eyes

One of the 10 most beautiful eyes in the world certainly cannot be without the image of beautiful sad eyes, extremely mysterious blue eye color. Elizabeth Taylor.

beautiful eyes

Kristen Stewart lot top of the most beautiful eyes in the world that anyone can easily “lost” in her deep eyes.

handsome eyes

Among the most beautiful eyes in the world can not ignore the enchanting brown eyes of the actress Kristin Kreuk.

These beautiful eyelids and strange eye colors can easily make us fall in love with them. However, the brown or black color of Oriental eyes is still an irresistible mysterious beauty with a special charm.

In the village of Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese artists… who do you think the most attractive eyes belong to? Let’s see who the Vietnamese and K-pop showbiz names in the list of stars with the most beautiful eyes.

2.2 The most beautiful standard eyes in Vietnam

The most beautiful eyes of Vietnamese beauties certainly include some names such as Dang Thu Thao, Ho Ngoc Ha, Ngoc Trinh…

The most beautiful eyes in Vietnam

One of the most beautiful eyes in Vietnam belongs to “Miss of Misses” – Dang Thu Thao. The queen has an Asian face with beautiful standard phoenix eyes.

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the most beautiful eyes in the world

Talking about beautiful eyes must name Tang Thanh Ha. She is known as the “pearl” of the film industry with her ecstatic role-playing ability, especially sad and crying scenes, thanks to her “talking” eyes.

The most beautiful eye colors in the world

Ho Ngoc Ha also listed in the list of beautiful female stars with sharp, seductive, enchanting eyes.

beautiful monolid eyes

In addition to the title “queen of lingerie”, Ngoc Trinh He is also famous for his beautiful big pigeon eyes.

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beautiful crying eyes

“His eyes are beautiful but sad” is the line associated with the brown eyes of Truc Anh – actress of the movie Mat Biec. Her beautiful, young eyes have left deep impressions in the hearts of the audience.

2.3 The most beautiful eyes in KPOP

Kpop idols with beautiful eyes can name Lisa (Black Pink), Sakura (IZONE), Na Eun (APRIL) or Kim Samuel…

beautiful double eyelids

Lisa (Black Pink) is one of the female idols with the most beautiful eyes in K-pop. Talent, beauty like a Barbie doll and big round double eyelids make her a female idol with a huge fan base all over the world.

most beautiful eyes

Sakura (IZONE) is also the idol associated with the image of the most beautiful eyes in Kpop when possessing large, round, dreamlike eyes.

how to have beautiful eyes

Na Eun (APRIL) owns a beautiful standard V-line face with the highlight of flawless beautiful eyes, sparkling eyes that are extremely attractive.

So besides female idols, are you curious who is the Korean male artist with the best standard eyes?

natural beautiful eyes

At the top of the list of handsome men with beautiful eyes is the “Aristocrat Cat” guy. Joshua Hong (SEVENTEEN) when possessing clear eyes like a character coming out of a comic book.

The most beautiful eyes on the planet

Her eyes are magical, hiding both innocence and irresistible charm of Kim Samuel deserves to be in the top of the most beautiful eyes on the planet.

Are double eyelids good or bad?

Jungkook (BTS) in the top beautiful eyes of Korean stars. The guy is the representative of Virgo – the zodiac sign is considered to have the most beautiful standard eyes.

We understand that the success and popularity of artists is a combination of many factors. However, it is impossible not to mention a beautiful face with eyes that create a unique highlight and attraction for each person.

Perhaps that’s why beautiful eyes are likened to a “golden” key to brighten the face and make the owner have a radiant aura and an indelible impression in the minds of others.

However, the reality is that not everyone is born lucky to have beautiful eyes like the stars mentioned above. So if your eyes are not pretty standard, single eyelid… then how to have beautiful standard eyes?

III. How to have naturally beautiful and attractive eyes

Currently, in addition to finding ways to care for and apply makeup for naturally beautiful eyes with eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadows, the vast majority of people who want to have permanent beautiful double eyelids often find cosmetic interventions.

The following 3 extremely effective methods and without much downtime will quickly “turn” your eyes to become as big and beautiful as you want.

3.1 Eyelid press

The first, fastest and simplest method to get beautiful eyes is to press the eyelids. This procedure is for young people who want to get rid of the situation of “living together” with single eyelids.

Watch 1 eyelid surgery directly to see the actual change before and after the procedure.

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3.2 Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is the second way to own beautiful eyes, if your eyes have overlapping skin, excess fat, and aging has appeared.

The effect of eyelid surgery is extremely long-lasting, especially making you instantly 10 years younger after only 30 minutes of implementation.

Find out now what eyelid surgery is and how beautiful eyelid surgery is.

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3.3 Widening the eye angle

If you want to have large, glittery pigeon eyes, you can perform the method of widening the eye corner. Applying this solution, your eyes will be enlarged inside or outside, creating a harmonious size compared to the proportions of the face.

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Let’s see how amazing the results will be when combining eyelid surgery + widening the eye angle

Those are the 3 solutions to “turn” your eyes to become big and beautiful as desired. In particular, this beauty you can completely own forever without fear of losing it like when removing thick, heavy makeup.

Imagine waking up one day, you look in the mirror and smile with sparkling eyes, that moment you will surely realize how happy you are.

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IV. Which center is the most beautiful eye cosmetic today?

When there is a need to perform eye cosmetic services, surely many people cannot help but wonder which is the most prestigious, safe, and effective address that is trusted and chosen by many beauty believers today.

What are beautiful eyes?

Kangnam is rated by customers as the leading prestigious, safe and effective eye cosmetic address.

Thousands of customers have chosen cosmetic eye surgery at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital thanks to the actual results proving that it is absolutely safe and effective.

First of all, let’s see the review of Kangnam on the online forum to have the most objective view.

What a beautiful face

Beautiful sayings about beautiful eyes

beautiful eye color

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital received extremely positive feedback from webtretho members

Just looking at the reviews of the online community may not be enough to convince them completely, so countless customers have directly come to Kangnam to perform eye cosmetic surgery.

Here are the actual results what they received after only 30 minutes of eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery and eye enlargement surgery.

4.1 The result of creating beautiful double eyelids in men

What is beautiful eyes?

Cut eyelids, remove loose skin + create inner corners for naturally beautiful eyes

beautiful eyes sad photo

Surgery to remove the condition droopy eyelids cover long, narrow pupils and eyes, creating big and round eyes

The most beautiful eyes in the world

Very severe congenital droopy eyelids are completely improved with beautiful, even, natural eyelids after only 30 minutes

kpop most beautiful eyes

Possessing 2 clear eyelid folds after minor eyelid surgery

describe beautiful eyes

Small eyes become bigger with clear, natural double eyelids thanks to eyelid surgery

4.2 Results of creating big and round eyes in women

How to take care of bright eyes

Cut eyelids to create folds, overcome the situation of 2 uneven eyelids, eyelids

baby's beautiful eyes

Cut eyelids + widen eye corners to eliminate slanting eyes

How to have naturally beautiful eyes

Press eyelids to create clear, balanced eyelid folds for beautiful glittering eyes

The most beautiful eye color in the world

This image of sharp, beautiful eyes is achieved by minor eyelid surgery

1 eyelid is good or bad

Surgery to widen the corners of the eyes to make the eyes bigger and rounder

They all got extremely satisfactory results with large, round, and naturally beautiful double eyelids, without even the smallest cosmetic trace.

How about you? You also want to own a pair beautiful eyes to open other magical doors in work, study, love?

Life is a gift, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give yourself the beauty gift “window of the soul” to live happily every day, right?

If you are still wondering about the double cosmetic method beautiful eyes Call the hotline now: 1900.6466 Or share your opinion under this article, eye specialists will help you answer in the most detail.

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