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999+ Stt tình yêu ngắn mà Chất Câu Like Cực Hot, cực Đỉnh

You were and are and wish to be happy in love. You want everyone to share that joy with you. These stt short love Best will be a great choice for you. Because each post contains sincere feelings, bringing a sense of joy and not cheesy, making others feel bored and uncomfortable.

Remember to regularly update the best short love stories so that love always blooms!

Top 49+ Stt short love sad dark tears

Love is always a favorite topic of many people, a beautiful sentiment in everyone’s life. The love story of a couple gives us many mixed emotions. It is a romantic love story, but sometimes it also encounters turbulence, jealousy, and anger.

1. Love yourself first and then love others

2. I just hope that when you get old, you still have some youthful memories, still remember the name you used to be crazy about.

3. If you are not strong, you will be weak and no one will see you!

4. “Betrayal” and “deception” are the two most miserable things in this life.

5. Love doesn’t need to be right or wrong, doesn’t need to win or lose or let go. It is important to hold on to each other or not!

6. As a girl, live like a flower.. Don’t bloom because of anyone.. Don’t die because of anyone.

7. The scariest thing in this world is not that you have nothing in your hand, but that your heart has no desire for anything anymore…

8. In my heart now is a whole heaven of confiding… I don’t know who to talk to.

9. Society demands all sorts of things, but actually just being kind to yourself is enough.

10. Taking advantage of each other when necessary

Then left without saying goodbye

Live life like a clown in a circus

Then it’s time to find each other again.

11. Her life is complicated

I’m not good, but I’m not spoiled either

I’ve fallen but never completely fell

So don’t judge me with 3 words “Seeing is Knowing”

12. Love doesn’t need to be right or wrong, doesn’t need to win or lose or let go. It is important to hold each other for each other or not!

13. A smart girl will choose a single life instead of being deceived, betrayed and treated heartlessly….

14. What’s the point of being jealous, when people aren’t even yours.

15. Because we are too young, we do not know that this world is like that. Summer and winter come, the sun stops rising and then sets, people also come and quietly leave…

16. Want to meet someone right now…

17. I later learned that the flower wasn’t mine, it was just that I passed by right at the most beautiful blooming season….

18. Because we are too young, we do not know that this world is like that. Summer and winter come, the sun stops rising and then sets, people also come and quietly leave…

19. A girl, no matter how strong. Still want to have a guy by my side…

20. We are rarely hurt by the truth, but extremely hurt by lies.

21. So far, the princess has been there, but the princess is for the prince, if not the prince, don’t dream anymore.

22. Excessive silence will make people full of mood. But sometimes, the hustle and bustle makes us feel lonely in a place where we don’t belong.

Beautiful short and deep love beams for every couple

The collection of good stories about love that we send to you below will partly help you fuel your happiness. Because in love, action is not enough, but sometimes a kind word is enough to melt the other’s heart. What else makes you hesitate without sending love with good messages about love right now.

1. Not beautiful enough for everyone to love. Not tall enough to stand out from everyone. Not sweet enough to captivate others. But confident enough to love with all my heart

2. There are really no heartless people in this world, it’s just that their hearts are not directed towards you.

3. There are things that you can’t just try, such as loving someone and hoping that their heart will also have a warm place for you.

4. Love, which is a kind of love of all shapes and sizes. Never been abandoned, never been hurt, can you understand your lover? Love, which is an experience, but long lasting

5. My life was originally a straight line just because I met you, it turned sideways

6. Love is a sacrifice, because only when in love can people dare to sacrifice for each other, sacrifice time and effort, and sometimes a whole life for each other.

7. Love is the state in which the happiness of another person becomes extremely important to your happiness.

8. Loving someone is thinking about that person last before going to sleep and thinking about that person first when you wake up.

9. There are things that do not have to be tried. For example, love a person and hope that their heart also has a warm place for you.

10. Unintentional water, thousands of years go by Unintentional clouds, clouds forever fly The moon is unintentional, the moon plays with the wind Unintentional people, how can you understand my heart…

11. Happiness is not being loved by many people. Which is to be a very much loved one!

12. If the distance between us is a thousand steps, you only need to take 1 step, the remaining 999 steps I will run to you.

13. Loving someone is thinking about that person last before going to bed and thinking about that person first when you wake up.

14. The day I met you, I just wish I had met you sooner. To love you, take care of you, take care of you and give you the best. I love you.

15. Happiness in love is simply having someone for you to truly love, to care for, to wait for. Because of that person, I can do everything.

16. Born as a girl was miserable, but just choosing the right man in her life is smiling happily.

17. Be with me, don’t be with anyone

Just love me, don’t add anyone.

18. Every day spent together:

A little care, a little worry, a little understanding

That alone made the opponent warm enough.

19. Love is like air that we don’t see but we always know it’s needed

20. To love is to find your happiness in the happiness of the person you love

The most impressive short love story of all time

Each line of stt written on is a confession, expressing your feelings. The short stt lines that we introduce below will make you feel excited. Because they are not too heavy, making readers and listeners feel tired, nor too ostentatious, causing boredom.

Try to find for yourself short or appropriate lines to express your feelings to receive sharing from everyone!

1. Women are the pain. Even though you know, you still follow women.

2. After a few months of loving each other, one person ignored the other. Well then, let’s break up.

3. Don’t compare me to it. Because it’s a dog and I’m a human. Don’t laugh when you hear that… Because you and it are both dogs.

4. To love is to speak, just as to be hungry is to eat.

5. It is said that girls are born to be protected. So why do you keep pretending to be strong?

6. Better public fuck. More than a holy deer.

7. Smoking is not cool, smoking is to defecate.

8. Don’t say love is crazy and then still innocently betray. Don’t compete with society to live with an innocent face pretending to be a deer.

9. Warbler that demanded a quarrel with the Falcon. Chimpanzees that claim to be prettier than gorillas.

10. Ex-lovers are like money in a pile of shit. If you don’t pick it up, you’ll regret it, but if you pick it up, you’ll feel nauseous.

11. You laugh, but you must have suffered. Your father laughed but tears fell in his heart.

12. Wild dog that thinks she is the queen of society! The scabies cat thinks he is the superior of the world.

13. If you feel pale in contact with me, please stand aside. I’m too lazy to try to pretend to please others.

14. Love someone who can do everything for you. Don’t fall in love with someone who can only describe the future.

15. You say you’ve been mean since you were a kid? Sorry you! I am also miserable from the womb. So don’t joke with me.

16. Don’t argue with drunk people. Don’t shake hands with bad guys. Don’t fight the daredevil. Don’t talk much to fools.

17. Rain wet clothes wet pants. How to wet the spirit of racing people.

18. If you have cursed, you must be serious

Not yet deep enough to wait

Not yet absorbed because it is slowly absorbing.

19. Sad to sit and count fingers

Why is the finger so short and long?

I can’t even sit and think about it

Take a knife cut that is equal.

20. From afar, it looks like Thuy Kieu, if you look up close, you will know who loves Chi Pheo.

21. The truth can make us suffer for a while, but the pain you have to go through because of being deceived or betrayed can last for the rest of your life.

22. When confessing and being rejected, the real man will have very smart sayings that make the other person think again: “Hi, it’s okay, you can wait. When you need me, just give me an hour.”

23. Breaking up is when: Two people, two turns. Standing silently looking at each other, a minute of silence and then forever apart.

24. Don’t be sad because you didn’t have that person in the past. But live in such a way that that person is sad because in the future they will not have you.

25. I’m so tired! I’m feeling abandoned, I’m talking but no one is listening, I’m sad but no one understands, I’m lonely without someone by my side.

26. Happiness doesn’t last long. But the pain is deeply imprinted and cannot be erased! I miss you so much.

27. Silence is the best way to know who needs us and who is thinking about us.

28. Sometimes people are lonely, not because they don’t have friends or relatives by their side, but simply because they don’t have someone in their hearts to turn to!

29. Late night is a moment of loneliness, sadness and tears.

30. If you feel lonely sometimes, don’t try to hold the wrong person.

The short and fun series of love stories attracts thousands of likes

Funny and witty love stories always attract the attention of young people, especially couples in love. You can choose for yourself happy messages to give to “that person”, believing that the other person will feel your love. Let’s watch together!

1. When I was a kid, I thought I was going to take a bath when I was naked
Growing up, I learned that I don’t just take a bath to get naked.

2. Love is eternal. And only one thing is allowed to change. That’s the lover.

3. A man’s life has 3 pleasures:
1- Get married. 2- Being abandoned by his wife. 3- Get married again.

4. Being online is a must avai
I wish I turned into a melon
Let me take you in when I take a selfie.

5. Behind the success of a knitter is always a woman, and behind the failure of a knitter is a real woman.

6. The lights in everyone’s house are on. Whose wife, that guy… bored”

7. Women are like roads,
The more curvy the road, the more dangerous it is!

8. If that day doesn’t come to me, I won’t see you
Now he is rich.

9. “Love is like a glass rose, brilliantly shimmering but fragile and fragile. Because it’s fragile, most people often equip it a lot… in case it breaks, there’s still something to replace it.”

10. I’m healthy, I’m beautiful, I’m not civilized
Who criticizes him, he despises the whole ward
You are so cute and precious
Who criticizes him, he is similar to his mouth.

11. “I can resist everything…except temptation”

12. He is handsome, gallant, very suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

13. Love comes and goes, but illness, children and debt will stay…

14. Sometimes on the busy road of life. I accidentally forgot to pull the perm-tuya !
I’m leaving tomorrow, oh my god please don’t come back…

15. I’m a wave, but please don’t be like a wave… I’ve rushed in, please don’t go back to sea

16. When I’m with you, I’m so peaceful
Away from you, I feel strange but also quite peaceful.

17. My heart only opens twice
Pick him and kicked him in.

18. Love each other in the light…but fuck each other in the dark!…Lol….

19. God is so unfair:
Create a daughter to be a son.
But make me a son to make a girl happy.

20. Smoking is not cool, smoking is to defecate.

21. If you were a pack of opium, I’d be the first one
If you’re a madhouse, I’ll be a madman forever.

22. Happiness is not in money but in its quantity.

23. Being a boy should be a boy, having loved a few three children.

24. Like to have to move to the finish line
Once it does not move, it disappears without explanation.

25. There have been many times on the edge of the bed – we accidentally bumped into each other.

Definitely the best short love stories, or These quotes about love that we send will help the two of you bond more together. Because every love you give will receive love in return. Knowing how to care at the right time will help the other person enjoy and appreciate you much more. Please believe me.

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