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Can say rice paper is a popular specialty with the highest “national custom” of all dishes specialties TRUTH OF Vietnam. Rice paper It is present in almost all three regions of the North, Central and South, in every province and city, everywhere you go. Going around in life, in daily meals, you will always encounter specialties rice paper, baked rice paper this.

Today, Nhu Binh Salted Rice Paper Factory share with readers all the information about rice paper, ricepaper. If readers are interested, please take a moment to “research” this article!

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Here, we invite you to learn about rice paper specialties This is to buy as a gift when I have the opportunity to visit. Besides, Nhu Binh Salted Rice Paper Factory Also collection of articles about the types three regions rice paper waiting for you to discover.

What is Banh Da?

Rice paper also known as rice paper is a type of cake using the main ingredient is rice starchThe cake is thinly coated and then dried in the sun. When eating, grilled crispy.

Northerners call it baked rice paper while people in the central and southern regions call it baked rice paper. Cake can also be dipped in water to make spring rollsIs called rice paper rolls.

What is Banh Da?

Name ricepaper originating from the South, the reason is called “ricepaper” is because of the process of coating the cake, inlaid the cake very thin. In some areas in Thanh Hoa, people use both words rice paper and ricepaper. In addition, type ricepaper used to bake and eat directly is called dry cake, and the type of cake used to wrap spring rolls is called rice paper rolls nice banh cha.

In the North, formerly also called ricepaper instead of rice paper. But in the time of Lord Trinh Trang in the outside, because he was afraid of the Lord’s name Huy, he was not called “rice paper” but had to change his name to rice paper. This name is familiar and widely used in the North until today.

What is Banh Mi?

As mentioned above, rice paper rolls are a variant of it. The cake used to roll spring rolls, rolls should be called rice paper rolls. Rice paper rolls compared to baked rice paper are thinner, softer and more flexible, when the shrimp and meat filling is rolled, it is fried and puffed up, making it into a patty.

Rice paper rolls with meat rolls

Prepare the ingredients for making meat rolls as follows:

  • Lean meat: 500 gr of shoulder meat, choose soft lean meat, so it’s delicious to make spring rolls.
  • Onion: 1 small bulb, choose a fresh onion, see if the roll is wilted.
  • Carrots: 1 tuber is enough, choose to buy light-colored bulbs, remember to choose to buy Dalat carrots.
  • Wood ear: Should choose to grow forest ear in the Northwest to eat more delicious and fragrant.
  • Chicken eggs: 1-2 eggs, this will help the meat stick together more tightly.
  • Dried vermicelli or shrimp noodles: Choose either, dry vermicelli is better.
  • Pepper, salt, main noodles.
  • Coriander, green onions, spring rolls.
  • Rice paper rolls with meat rolls.

Steps to make delicious rice paper rolls with delicious meat to change the wind for the weekend:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

  • Lean meat: Wash with dilute salt water, then mince finely, put in a large bowl.
  • Onions, carrots: Wash, cut into small lengths to cook quickly when frying spring rolls.
  • Wood ear: Soak in warm water, then wash, remove the dirty head and then slice it thinly.
  • Vermicelli: Soak vermicelli in cold water until soft, then cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Green onions, coriander picked, washed, chopped, put in a bowl of minced meat.

Step 2: Make rice paper rolls with meat.

Rice paper rolls with meat rolls

  • Add 1 teaspoon salt + 1 teaspoon MSG + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper + 1/2 teaspoon spring roll powder + 1/2 teaspoon minced chili + 1 teaspoon minced garlic + 1 teaspoon of soy sauce + 1-2 eggs in a bowl of meat, mix well. Remember to use your hands to massage and rub many times to make the mixture sticky and sticky.
  • Next is the stage of wrapping spring rolls, you spread the rice paper rolls on a plate, put the right filling and then roll it up. If the rice paper rolls are a bit dry, you can add a little water to make the cake more flexible and easier to roll. In addition, you can choose the type of rice paper rolls with dew, ready-made soft cakes, very easy to roll without having to add water to soften.
  • Heat oil in a pan, keep the heat very low and fry each spring roll until crispy.
  • A little tip for you, if you want crispy and delicious meat rolls, you should fry twice. The first time you fry it, the second time you put a few drops of lemon juice in the oil, and the second time, the rice paper rolls with meat will be crispy and fragrant.

How to make Banh Mi Nem Dipping Sauce

How to make delicious Banh Da Nem dipping sauce with the following recipe: 2 tablespoons salty fish sauce + 2 tablespoons white sugar + 1 tablespoon monosodium glutamate + 5 tablespoons warm water + 1 tablespoon minced garlic + 1 tablespoon chili minced + 1 tbsp fresh lime juice. Stir this mixture together, you will have a delicious dipping sauce.

How to make Banh Mi Nem Dipping Sauce

Rice paper rolls with meat will be more AMAZING if served with raw vegetables, rolled with rice paper. Spread a piece of rice paper roll, add raw vegetables (lettuce, lettuce, herbs, basil, …), cucumber, rice paper rolls with meat and then roll it up, dipping it with DESIGNED dipping sauce.

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The fragrant crispy taste of rice paper rolls with meat mixed in fresh vegetables, sweet and sour sauce, creates an extremely ideal TASTE experience on the tip of the tongue, diners will be ENJOYED.

Crispy, Irresistible Ha Tinh Spring Rolls

As a famous product of Ha Tinh people, Ha Tinh dew-dried rice paper rolls are made from rice and molasses, no preservatives, no additives, so it is absolutely safe for users and guaranteed. hygiene and food safety.

The production process of Ha Tinh dew-dried rice paper rolls is completely manual, from coating the cake to drying it in the sun, without using an oven, even in winter.

Therefore, the cake leaves are soft, naturally flexible, easy to roll, don’t worry about tearing or breaking when rolling as well as when frying spring rolls. The cake when fried has a beautiful golden color, looks extremely attractive. A plus point of Ha Tinh dew-dried spring rolls is that it doesn’t absorb grease, so if you’re afraid of gaining weight when eating fried spring rolls, use Ha Tinh rice paper rolls.

In addition, a difference of this type of rice paper rolls is that it is pale, not salty like ordinary cakes bought at the market. Finally, Ha Tinh dew-dried rice paper rolls do not contain food preservatives, so they can be preserved for 1 year in the refrigerator, a very long time!

Daily Delicacies With Dumplings

Mussels with Banh Dau

Ingredients for making mussels with rice cake: 300 gr mussels (with shell) + 3 lemongrass plants + 1 tablespoon seasoning seeds + 1 tablespoon fish sauce + 1/2 tablespoon white sugar + 1 tablespoon spicy satay chili + 100g roasted peanuts + 50g roasted sesame + 1 purple onion, 1 garlic, 1 ginger + 10g laksa leaves + 2 baked rice cakes.

Mussels with Banh Dau

How to make a dish of mussels with rice paper is quite simple: First, buy ready-made mussels with shells, wash them, and pick up impurities left in mussels. This step is quite important, cleaning thoroughly when enjoying will be more secure, not afraid to eat the soil and sand left in the mussels. After washing, take out the basket, let it dry naturally.

While waiting for the water to drain, shallots and garlic are peeled, minced, peeled ginger is washed, cut into fibers, laksa leaves are picked, washed and soaked in brine.

Next, put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in the pan, when the oil is hot, add lemongrass + onion and garlic and fry until fragrant. Step three, stir-fry mussels, season with spices and satay peppers, ginger, use chopsticks to stir back and forth to absorb the seasoning. Next, add roasted peanuts + roasted sesame + laksa leaves, stir for 10 seconds and then turn off the stove.

Put the fried mussels on a plate and add peanuts, sesame, and laksa leaves on top to make it beautiful. After that, just enjoy with grilled rice paper (baked rice paper) is STANDARD. Crispy, fragrant rice paper mixed with attractive fried mussels, fatty leopard, delicious and hard to resist.

Eel with Banh Da

Ingredients for making minced eel with rice paper: Eel + Grilled rice paper + Chili, lemongrass, onion, braised cilantro, coriander + Spices: fish sauce, salt, seasoning, pepper + Roasted peanuts.

How to make eel dish with rice paper is as follows: First, the eel must be cleaned, boned, minced the meat and marinated according to the recipe of 300g minced eel meat + 1 tablespoon seasoning powder + 1/2 tablespoon white sugar + 1/2 tbsp MSG + 1/2 tbsp ground pepper + 1/3 tbsp five spice powder to make stir-fried eel more flavorful and attractive.

Eel with Banh Da

Step two, minced chili peppers with lemongrass. Put the pan on the stove, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot, add the shallots and fry until golden, then add the minced chili, lemongrass and eel mixture, mix together, stir well. Remember, stir gently, don’t be too strong, you will destroy the eel meat.

Cooked eel is scooped out onto a plate, put on a little peanut with braised coriander, chopped cilantro. This dish is most delicious when served with crispy rice paper.

Using a piece of rice paper, scoop some fried eel with lemongrass and chili, and put it in your mouth. Crispy cake with the smell of rice mixed with the soft sweetness of eel meat, the pungent taste of lemongrass and chili, the characteristic aroma of braised coriander, it is difficult for any other delicious dish to compare.

Famous places to make Banh Da in Vietnam

Hai Binh Da Cake

Hai Binh Da Cake

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Hai Binh rice paper is a very suitable snack for us to enjoy with a cup of tea or a few cups of country wine. In addition, the cake can be used in combination with other dishes such as rice paper rolls with crabs or rice cakes with mussels – delicious dishes typical of the sea.

The aroma of rice combined with black sesame is grilled on charcoal to create an unforgettable aroma for diners every time they enjoy it.

In Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa, people seem to live fully with the profession of making rice paper, they appreciate what their ancestors left behind and want to keep such special dishes so that more and more people can enjoy them. more.

Do Luong Banh Da Do Luong

Do Luong rice paper is more special than other countryside because it is sprinkled with a lot of black sesame, so it is more fragrant and fleshy. In addition, the baker is also very skillful in adding garlic, chili, and pepper to make the cake have a pungent and attractive taste. Do Luong people often bake cakes with charcoal or fry rice paper with cooking oil, so the cake is thin, crispy and very fragrant.

Do Luong Banh Da Do Luong

The cake can be eaten alone or with sauce, spicy eel, smooth cake, snail, etc., giving you a new taste when enjoying. If you visit Nghe An and need to find a compact, meaningful gift for your friends and relatives, remember to visit Da Son or Trang Son, Dong Son, and Do Luong communes to buy Do Luong multi-cake.

My Long Rice Paper

My Long Rice Paper

Have the opportunity to visit the craft village My Long rice paper You will encounter the most everyday and realistic images to create rice paper. Throughout this craft village, everywhere you go, you will see rice paper cakes connecting from house to house.

The stalls around the village sell many specialties of Ben Tre for visitors to choose from, but the most famous is still My Long rice paper. The unforgettable impression of visitors is the attractive aroma of the cakes radiating from every corner.

There are visitors who say that the taste of rice paper makes them enamored, intoxicated with the sweet aroma from the rustic cake. Having that, the baker in My Long is always industrious, hard-working and thanks to the experience accumulated from his ancestors.

Banh Da Chom Village

Chom rice paper craft village is located on the banks of Chu river, Thieu Chau, Thieu Hoa, Thanh Hoa. Chom village rice paper hundreds of years of history. The people of Chom village also don’t remember the profession of making rice paper ever, only knowing that when they were born, the name of Chom village was associated with the profession of making rice paper.

Experiencing many ups and downs, the unique feature of the rice paper is still handed down by the people of Chom village to this day.

Banh Da - Famous Bao Life specialties of the North, Central and South 1

Chom village rice paper is thicker and more sesame, so it is more fragrant and delicious. Other craft villages when making rice paper often mix a variety of ingredients such as potatoes, cassava, turmeric powder, etc. to make the cake beautiful and impressive, the rice paper in Chom village creates a unique feature from the simplest things. peanuts and sesame.

According to the bakers in Chom village, the cake is made entirely of rice flour, after baking, it will keep its crispness and aroma for a long time.

All the information about rice paper that Nhu Binh Rice Paper establishment shared above has helped you better understand the simple but extremely famous specialty, right?

If readers are interested in delicious and attractive products of rice paper and rice paper, please contact immediately and always with Nhu Binh salted rice paper establishment! We specialize in the production and distribution of attractive Tay Ninh baked rice paper with the most competitive prices in the market.

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