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Peonies have long been known to be wonderful ornamental plants in garden design. They have special meaning in garden feng shui design. The peony symbolizes wealth and nobility. Easily found in wall paintings. In addition, peony also symbolizes love, fidelity and stability in marriage.

However, in the process of growing peonies, problems often arise. A common disease in this peony is yellowing of the leaves. The phenomenon of yellow leaves causes the plant to grow slowly, gradually wilt and accumulate. So where does the disease come from? How to cure yellow-leaf peony how?

This article will guide how to cure yellow leaf peony that we have referenced. Hope it will be helpful for your garden, small garden landscape. As well as answering questions about whether to plant peonies in front of the house or not?

how to cure yellow leaf peony
How to cure yellow-leaf peonies- Peonies have many meanings in feng shui

Phenomenon of yellow-leaf peonies

Peonies yellow leaves regardless of what color it is, the tree is young or grown. Plant in pots or grow in the garden. Yellowing or yellowing of leaves is common in most peonies.

Precisely the phenomenon of leaf yellowing is caused by the loss of chlorophyll in the leaves. A substance that helps facilitate the absorption of light from the sun. It can convert this sunlight energy into another form of energy. Serves for photosynthesis and some other processes. When leaves do not have chlorophyll, they will turn yellow. So why do peony leaves lose this chlorophyll?

In short, chlorophyll is produced by converting sunlight energy. Substance that provides nutrients for plants, promotes metabolism. When nutrients are not enough, chlorophyll is lost, leading to yellowing of leaves. This greatly affects the growth of the plant.

how to cure yellow leaf peony
Phenomenon of yellow leaves in peony flowers

The cause of the yellow leaves of peonies

As analyzed above, the main cause of yellow leaves of peonies is not providing enough nutrients. And the part that takes on the role of absorbing nutrients from the soil is the root of the plant. So when the roots of a tree are “in bad health”, the whole tree is also affected

To put it simply, plant roots are damaged and do not develop normally, which is the most important cause of yellow leaves of peonies.

How to cure yellow-leaf peony The simplest and most effective is root care. As long as the roots are healthy, the plant will grow normally.

However, the first thing is to find out what causes the roots to rot and die to fix. Some causes can be mentioned such as flooding, waterlogging. It can also be spread from other plants in the garden. Or improper care, wrong fertilizer application also causes damage to the roots.

How not yet yellow-leaf peony
Root rot is the main cause of yellowing of leaves in peonies

How to cure yellow-leaf peony

After finding out the root cause. Proceed to take care of the roots in the following order:

Step 1:

Lift the plant up from the pot (or the ground). Cut the surrounding area to make it easier to get the plant up. Make sure you can get all the roots out of the ground.

Step 2:

Cut off all dead or rotten roots. Note that the cut is deep so that the tree can grow new roots in the most healthy and sure way. Avoid leaving a few rotten roots, affecting later.

Step 3:

When placing the plant down, mix a variety of substances to add nutrients in a timely manner to the new roots. Includes: Chicken manure (the type of chicken manure that contains locusts, industrial chickens, not the bare part. A long-standing manure is better than new manure), peanut shells, soil mixed with black gravel, yellow sand, can be added including coir.

how to cure yellow leaf peony
Coir is an important ingredient to help the soil have more nutrients

All mix well, make a new soil mixture for replanting. The ratio can be mixed as follows: 2 shovels of soil: 1 shovel of sand: 2 shovels of chicken manure: peanut shells (no quantitative limit). If you have time and conditions, you can take more egg shells and/or duck eggs, break them into small pieces and mix them inside. Eggshells are rich in calcium, which is good for the growth of peonies.

You can search for videos on putting peonies back in the ground on Youtube for more information.

Step 4:

After replanting, proceed to care for the plant as usual. Avoid over-watering that causes the roots to rot again.

Mistakes to avoid in the treatment of yellow-leaf peonies

-First: Absolutely must avoid seeing yellow leaves, cut all leaves. This makes the condition even more serious. Loss of leaves, plants do not photosynthesize, nutrients do not absorb. The tree is more difficult to grow.

-Second: is synthetic fertilizer. Particularly for peonies, do not apply synthetic fertilizers containing xi inside. Only natural organic fertilizers that have been composted. Organic fertilizers stimulate the flowering process to be faster and better.

– Third: Do not plant diseased plants with normally growing plants. It should be isolated early because yellow leaf disease can be transmitted through soil and plant roots.

Good organic fertilizer for the treatment of yellow-leaf peonies
Using chicken egg shells in the treatment of yellow-leaf peonies

Should peonies be planted in front of the house?

Although the peony is used a lot in the design of garden miniatures. However, whether to plant peonies in front of the house is a question mark. Some opinions say that the larger the peony grows, the more luxuriant the branches and leaves are, the more light it is blocked. Making the house dark, obstructing the air circulation. However, this is just measuring the location of the plant is not suitable, affecting the light. This situation is completely fixable.

On the contrary, planting peonies in front of the house brings good luck and fortune. Peony is still commonly known as a flower that represents wealth and prosperity. In Japan, peony is a flower symbolizing fidelity, happiness in marriage and love between couples. That is also part of the reason this flower is grown in families with many daughters. With the hope that the road of love will be favorable, there will be no problems.

In particular, this flower is very easy to see in landscape gardens. Front or back yard in the 3-storey townhouse model. Diverse flower colors: red, purple, yellow, white make the space more vivid.

Peonies in garden design
Peonies are suitable for planting in the front garden or behind the 3-storey tube house

Peonies are used a lot in landscape design- Garden miniatures
garden decoration with peony
How to properly treat yellow-leaf peonies to help them bloom bigger

Should I plant peonies?

The peony has become a very popular plant in the beautiful garden model Currently.

Reference source: Dung Cay TV

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