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With the desire to bring customers the best experience, Vinpearl launches online check-in feature at 4 hotels VinOasis Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Nha Trang Bay, Vinpearl Hotel Hue, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Bay, helping passengers save time at check-in, avoid close contact, keep distance, minimize the risk of infection so that each trip is a meaningful and safe journey.

In addition, Vinpearl offers the first customers to experience the online check-in feature with a voucher worth 500,000 when using the services of Food, Spa, Green fee, swimming card by day, for orders from 1,700. 000 VND or more as a thank you gift for trusting and accompanying Vinpearl in this new experience.

Contact help: 1900 23 23 89 branch number 3



Step 1: Download the MyVinpearl app on App Store or CH Play

Step 2: Register/login your account on the App

Step 3: Make Online Check-in


>>> Download the app and experience now for the upcoming trip


Step 3.1.1: Go to Orders/Booking History, select the Reservation you want to make Online Check-in

Step 3.1.2: Select the Room Information bar, click on your room

Step 3.1.3: Click Online Check-in

*Online Check-in is only open 24 hours before Check-in date



Step 3.2.1: Select “Check-in”

Step 3.2.2: Enter enough information Itinerary code, Reservation code and Check-in date (The information is in your booking confirmation email) and click Confirm

Step 3.2.3: Click Online Check-in

* Online Check-in feature is only open 24 hours before Check-in date


Step 4: When the online Check-in screen appears, please check the number and name of passengers in the room. In case of missing/incorrect information, please contact your hotel for assistance.

Step 5: Click to select each guest in turn to perform online Check-in. Click Select from the Passenger Handbook, then select Add new passenger


Step 6: Perform Online Check-in:

Step 6.1: Take 2 sides of ID card

* Need to take a hard copy, bright enough, without missing information, losing angle…

Step 6.2: Face capture

*Need to take 2 times, 1 photo far and 1 photo close to the real face, bright enough, not blurred, blurred…

Step 6.3: Upload the QR code of the medical declaration on the PC-Covid application


Step 7: In the Edit information screen, you add the missing information such as Email, Phone number, Address… and click Save.

Step 8: Continue to repeat the above steps for each guest in the room in turn

Step 9: Click Confirm Online Check-in (x/x guests) to complete Online Check-in


Step 10: Go to hotel, provide ID and Sign Confirmation to complete Check-in

For direct support, please contact:
Hotline: 1900 23 23 89 branch number 3
Email: [email protected]

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