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Hoa Cuong Cave

With iridescent stalactites, Hoa Cuong Cave is one of the famous destinations with favorite tourists Hai Phong tourism. Explore this fascinating “coordinate” with Vinpearl through the full and detailed experiences in the following article!

1. Where is Hoa Cuong Cave?

Hoa Cuong Cave is located about 20 km north of Cat Ba center. The cave is located in Gia Luan commune, where there is a ferry port connecting to Ha Long Bay. The favorable geographical position has made this place a destination not to be missed when traveling Cat Ba Hai Phong tourism.

To get to Hoa Cuong Cat Ba cave, you can move in two ways:

  • Going from Cai Vieng ferry: If your starting point is at Cai Vieng ferry, you just need to follow the path of the National Park. When you see the fork, turn left and you will come to Gia Luan.
  • Going from Cat Ba center: If you come from Cat Ba center, you just need to follow the cross-island route about 20 km to reach Gia Luan commune.

Hoa Cuong Cave

2. Legend of Hoa Cuong Cat Ba cave

Not only possessing charming scenery, cool climate, Hoa Cuong Cave Hai Phong also hides a mysterious spiritual world with interesting legends.

The people here recount that thanks to the advantages of the climate, the cave landscape is a place to hang out and stay regularly for the king with the princesses and princes.

Legend has it that, in front of the princess’s palace, there will be 2 lions as guardian mascots. Back inside, the princess was lulling her baby to sleep inside, on a very beautiful bed and next to it was a lovely fairy bed.

Hoa Cuong Cave

Deeper inside is the place where the statue of the two Buddhas is located. People in Gia Luan commune believe that the two buddhist men were sent to earth by the Buddha and Goddess of Mercy to teach people to live honestly.

Hoa Cuong cave is also impressed by a clear lake with cool sweetness located in the middle of the cave. People here think that girls in the area have white skin because of bathing in the cool water of the lake.

Dotted for the calm lake is the prince’s stalactite boat. Just going down the boat, visitors will arrive at the Aquarium and admire a black hole filled with mysteries.

Not only attracted by the unexplainable spiritual stories, Hoa Cuong cave is also a proof that the ancient ape people existed in Vietnam tens of thousands of years ago. This was concluded when archaeologists excavated, discovered a fossil tooth of an ancient ape man in the cave. It is known that the tooth is dated to bronze about 10 thousand years ago.

Because of these things, until now, traveling to Hoa Cuong Cat Ba cave has always been an experience chosen by many tourists.

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3. Discover the beauty of Hoa Cuong cave

Possessing diamond stalactites has made Hoa Cuong cave an extremely attractive tourist destination in Hai Phong because very few caves in the world possess this type of stalactite. This is also the reason why people here named this cave Hoa Cuong.

Not only bringing a splendid beauty, the space of Hoa Cuong cave is also tinged with mythology. Each legendary story, passed on by people from generation to generation, has made the scenery, lines and shapes inside the cave become more soulful and attractive than ever.

Hoa Cuong Cave

The combination of the sparkling light of the stones mixed with spiritual and mythological colors has turned the cave into a fantasy-like place. Not only that, this Cat Ba tourist destination is also loved for its huge carved stalactites that hang down the aisle like a veil that nature offers. In addition to possessing diamond stalactites, Hoa Cuong cave also has eye-catching lines in it.

4. Tourist attractions near Hoa Cuong cave in Hai Phong

Besides visiting Hoa Cuong cave, when coming to the port city of Hai Phong, visitors can combine sightseeing Cat Ong Island located about 19 km from the cave, Tung Thu Beach Cat Ba about 24 kilometers away, Nam Cat Island 17 meters away, Cannon Fort of Cat Ba 19 kilometers away, Cat Ba Monkey Island 25 km away….

Hoa Cuong Cave

In addition, visitors can also visit Hai Phong city center to explore Hai Phong old town, Hang Kenh family house, Nghe Temple Hai Phong… with ancient beauty.

The enjoyment Hai Phong specialtiestry once Hai Phong night with famous dishes like Hai Phong red jellyfishcrab spring rolls, crab cakes, Ha Lung key rolls… are definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Hoa Cuong Cave

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Hoa Cuong Cave

Coming to the Vinpearl hotel system in Hai Phong, visitors not only experience high-class utility services but also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of specialties at local restaurants. Besides, you can see the whole city from above, this is the ideal check-in coordinates.

Hoa Cuong Cave

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Hoa Cuong Cave With wild beauty and mysterious stories will surely bring you interesting experiences. Let’s try once to join the journey to discover Hoa Cuong cave to be able to witness firsthand the beauty that nature has bestowed on you!

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