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What is beach tourism?

As a key type of tourism in the smokeless industry, with the advantage of “golden forest, silver sea”, Sea travel is currently very focused on investment in Vietnam. Let’s find out with Vinpearl What is beach tourism? and check out 5 attractive places for a beach trip!

1. Learn about Vietnam’s marine tourism resources

To answer the question “What is sea tourism?”, let’s learn about Vietnam’s marine tourism resources:

  • Natural resources: These are topographical factors such as: coastal natural landscape, terrestrial and aquatic populations: plants, fish, snails, corals, etc., and climatic factors such as average temperature. , dry season, rainy season, annual rainfall,…
  • Humanities resources: These are the cultural and historical values ​​that exist in the marine tourist area such as the system of temples, pagodas, communal houses, shrines, monuments, lighthouses, symbolizing the development of marine tourism. Besides, there are craft villages and annual festivals representing the habits of the people living in that sea.
  • Beach resorts in Vietnam: Vietnam has 3 main beach resorts, which are the Northern sea tourismregion Southern beach tourism and Central coastal tourist area. Each location possesses different characteristics, bringing impressive experiences to visitors.

What is beach tourism?

2. What are the characteristics of sea tourism?

In addition to the question of what is sea tourism and Vietnam’s marine tourism resources, the characteristics of the sea tourism industry are also a great concern of tourists.

Island tourism is distributed in coastal areas and coastal waters. Vietnam’s sea and islands have great tourism potential with a coastline of 3260km, more than 1 million square kilometers of sea surface, stretching from Mong Cai (Quang Ninh) to Ha Tien (Kien Giang) with more than 3,000 large and small islands, divided scattered over most of the provinces from the North to the South.

Vietnam’s climate is tropical and monsoonal, so sea and island tourism activities depend a lot on climate factors. Summer is the peak time for sea and island tourism because the weather is hot, so the demand for swimming and resorting increases. However, winter is the least peak season for sea and island tourism, especially in the northern provinces due to the influence of cold air, which is not suitable for swimming and resorting. In particular, Vietnam is in the range of tropical storms, so the weather changes erratically, disrupting sea and island tourism activities.

Sea and island tourism is a diverse combination of many types of tourism such as: relaxation, sports, sightseeing, discovery, research, even adventure tourism, etc. of all visitors.

What is beach tourism?

3. What are the products of sea tourism?

If you are curious about our products, What is beach tourism? Then let’s find out with Vinpearl right here! With potential tourism resources, Vietnam’s sea and island tourism provides diverse tourism products such as:

3.1. Visit the World Heritage Site in the coastal area

This is the most chosen form of vacation by tourists. Besides relaxing and entertaining at the beautiful sea, visitors can learn and visit famous heritages, registered in the world.

What is beach tourism?

3.2. Visiting cultural and historical sites

This is a popular activity in the localities, with each different region, there exists a different cultural beauty, symbolizing the long-term development of that region.

3.3. Sightseeing

Vietnam is famous for many beautiful landscapes, with majestic mountains, with white sand beaches,… Activities to visit famous landscapes not only bring interesting experiences but also help tourists. understand more about the culture of the region.

3.4. Sea resort tourism

This is an activity for tourists who want to rest and relax after stressful hours. Favorite places are usually places with pleasant weather, beautiful scenery.

What is beach tourism?

3.5. Ecotourism

This is an activity to visit ecological zones such as national parks, nature reserves, biosphere reserves, etc. Thai Thai.

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4. Suggesting the most beautiful and attractive beach tourist destinations in Vietnam

So the question “what is sea tourism?” Once answered, let’s refer to some outstanding sea tourist attractions with Vinpearl below:

4.1. Nha Trang sea and island tourism

With the wild beauty of stretching beaches and nearly 200 coastal islands, travel to Nha Trang Every year, millions of domestic and foreign tourists come to the resort.

Referring to Nha Trang is referring to the famous beauty of islands like Hon Tre Island, Siping Island, Hon Mun,… With the development of tourism in Nha Trang, visitors will experience an extremely rich and diverse culinary culture; Have fun and forget the way home at entertainment paradise VinWonders Nha Trangparticipate in sports such as diving to see coral reefs, kayaking, … will definitely create a memorable vacation for visitors.

What is beach tourism?

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4.2. Phu Quoc island tourism

With abundant sea and island tourism resources and invested in exploitation and development, Phu Quoc island is known as the pearl island – the most attractive domestic and foreign tourist destination in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc causes “nostalgia” with beautiful beaches, stretching; 99 majestic mountains, hills and rich primeval forest. Visitors can visit famous landmarks here such as Long Beach, Ganh Dau capeRach Vem fishing village, Mong Tay island,…

What is beach tourism?

Phu Quoc TourismTourists can participate in many outdoor sea tourism activities such as surfing, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing, skydiving,… or visit the rich and diverse ecosystem with beautiful beaches. national park, biosphere reserve on the island.

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4.3. Ha Long beach tourism

About 180 km from Hanoi, Ha Long is known as the tourist paradise of the North. Voted by UNESCO as a natural wonder of the world, Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Coming to Ha Long, visitors will enjoy swimming at the beautiful beaches, sailing to explore famous caves such as: Hon Trong Mai, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, … or have fun. forget the way home” at amusement parks.

What is beach tourism?

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4.4. Do Son beach tourism

Do Son Beach is one of the famous tourist attractions in Hai Phong. Favored by nature for its white sandy beaches, clear blue water, trees winding along the shore,… Do Son beach always attracts tourists by its wild beauty.

What is beach tourism?

Tourism in Do Sonvisitors can visit Bao Dai Villa, Ben Tieng relic, Rainbow Market area or participate in sports games such as canoeing, parachute,… In particular, this is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy Enjoy a variety of rich and fresh seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, … or specialties such as tank prices, jellyfish salad, …

The interesting and fascinating experiences that Do Son beach brings will definitely create a great vacation for visitors to visit.

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4.5. Danang beach tourism

Da Nang is known as “a city worth living” because it fully converges elements from nature to people.

Da Nang is famous for the Beautiful and dreamy beachin there My Khe beach is an attractive tourist destination to relax and swim, chosen by the majority of tourists. Besides that, Son Tra Peninsula – The jewel of Da Nang is also an attractive destination because of its rich flora and fauna ecosystem.

What is beach tourism?

Not only about the beautiful scenery, Da Nang is also famous for the hospitality of the people and the unique cuisine, which will surely satisfy the tourists who stop by.

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What is beach tourism?

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So the article has just answered the question “What is beach tourism??” It can be seen that sea tourism not only brings interesting experiences, discover new places but also helps visitors learn about different cultures and identities. Quickly “develop” a beach trip now!

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