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Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling Tet in the North Where should go is the concern of many tourists when planning Northern tourism, Northern sea tourism. If you have not yet chosen a destination for the upcoming Tet holiday, immediately refer to the top places with beautiful landscapes, many attractive entertainment and dining spots introduced below.

1. Hai Phong

Hai Phong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North near Hanoi. Favored by nature with many beautiful scenes, fresh air and pleasant weather, Hai Phong becomes a tourist attraction that attracts visitors all year round, especially during Tet to spring.

Traveling Tet in the North

Hai Phong Tourism On the occasion of Tet with friends and relatives, do not forget to check in famous attractions such as Do Son beach, Cat Ba island, Trang Kenh relic site,… In particular, this place has many tourist attractions. spiritual calendar like Pho Chieu Pagoda in Hai Phong, Du Hang Pagoda, Do Son Cave Temple… suitable for tourists to visit, worship, pray for peace at the beginning of the new year.

Visiting the city of red phoenix flowers on the occasion of Tet, visitors remember to try famous specialties such as crab spring rolls, field crab hotpot, crab cakes, …

2. Travel to the North of Tet with a trip to Ha Long, Quang Ninh

About 2 hours drive from Hanoi, Quang Ninh tourism is one of the ideal tourist destinations for Tet in the North. Ha Long Tourism In this season, visitors will not be surprised by the beautiful and pristine beauty of the scene with the sea surface hidden in the mist, the magnificent limestone island, the peaceful and rustic fishing villages in the spring sunshine, .. Sitting on a yacht on the bay to enjoy the spring scenery here is a great experience visitors should not miss.

Traveling Tet in the North

In addition to Ha Long Bay, traveling to Quang Ninh during the Lunar New Year, visitors should not miss many fun activities at Ba Deo amusement park in early spring, exploring Co To and Quan Lan islands, visiting Bai Chay, etc. In particular, the beginning of the new year spring is also the occasion when Yen Tu tourist area welcomes thousands of visitors, Buddhists from all over the world come to the spring festival, visit, admire the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests as well as worship and pray for good luck. Good luck and peace to the family.

Traveling Tet in the North

Every Tet holiday, Quang Ninh welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world. So, if you plan to travel to Ha Long and Quang Ninh on this occasion, you should book a room in advance Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long MANY PROMOTIONS to enjoy good prices, limit the availability of rooms, as well as own comfortable, luxurious rooms and good services to make the early spring trip fun and complete.

Traveling Tet in the NorthTraveling Tet in the North

>>> Quickly book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long to own a BEAUTIFUL ROOM, GOOD PRICE to make your spring trip more complete.

3. Sapa

If you ask where to travel in the North during New Year’s Day, many tourists will not hesitate to choose Sapa. When heaven and earth turn into spring, Northern tourist destination Sapa is even more attractive to tourists by the colorful roads of peach blossom, plum blossom, beautiful and gentle Muong Hoa valley, majestic Ham Rong mountain or Fansipan peak in the middle of the sea of ​​clouds,…

Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling to Sapa in the Northern New Year, visitors will be immersed in the joyful festival atmosphere, the fun upland love markets and many unique folk games,… Depending on the year, come to Sapa at the right time. You can also admire the white snow falling all over the branches and grass like a European sky. It’s even more interesting to be with family and friends around the steaming salmon hotpot in the chilly air, sipping an attractive apple cider.

4. New Year tourist destination in the North should go – Lang Son

After busy days with life, Tet is the time when many people reward themselves with moments of rest and relaxation with trips to peaceful countryside. Traveling Tet in the North You can come to Lang Son to admire the poetic and poetic mountain scenery, enjoy the fresh and green atmosphere.

Traveling Tet in the North

Lang Son Tourism On Tet holiday, if you are lucky, you can catch the moment of snow falling on Mau Son mountain. Come here, in addition to visiting Nhi Thanh Cave, Phat Chi Mountain, Chi Ma border gate, Tan Thanh,… you should not forget to visit the famous markets Ky Lua, Dong Kinh, Dong Dang. into the atmosphere of the crowded Tet market.

5. Where should you travel in the North during Tet? Ha Nam

Famous as a land rich in cultural and historical traditions, the land of North – Ha Nam is very suitable for spring trips, short-term Tet tours. If you want to welcome a traditional New Year full of cultural colors in the Northern Delta, then come here. Ha Nam Tourism On the occasion of Tet, visitors will be immersed in many joyful traditional festivals such as Lieu Doi martial arts festival, Gua village festival, Truc temple festival, …

Traveling Tet in the North

Ha Nam is also famous for many spiritual and cultural tourist attractions suitable for spring travel such as Vu Dien Temple, Truc Temple, Tien Ong Temple, … and many famous landscapes such as Bat Canh Son, Luon Cave, etc. Phuc Long Cave. Come here on New Year’s Day, remember to visit famous sacred temples such as Long Doi Son Pagoda, Tam Chuc Pagoda Ha Nam, Tien Ha Nam Pagoda, … to worship and pray for the New Year.

>>> Pocket experience to visit Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam – The largest temple in the world

6. Hanoi capital – Attractive Northern New Year tourist destination

Where should travel to the Northern New Year? Traveling to the Northern New Year, you must definitely visit the capital Hanoi if you want to experience a typical traditional Northern New Year. Coming to Hanoi at this time, you will clearly feel the joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year in all the streets, markets, old quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake,… Streets with colorful and floating flowers. Especially the peach branches, attracting many people to take pictures in spring.

Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling Hanoi On the occasion of the New Year, the traditional New Year, do not miss the fireworks event, the countdown music festival to welcome the new year at Ly Thai To flower garden, the banks of Hoan Kiem lake. In the first days of the year, the streets of Hanoi become more deserted, the fresh air is very suitable for you to travel spring, visit the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, West Lake,… Come to Hanoi on this occasion. Don’t forget to taste the typical Tet dishes here such as green banh chung, frozen meat, pickled onions, vermicelli soup,…

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7. Where to travel in the North during Tet? Moc Chau, Son La

Moc Chau, Son La is one of the ideal destinations for a trip to the North on the occasion of the New Year. This is the time when Moc Chau plateau is filled with the colors of mustard flowers, abundant flowers, plum flowers, … for you to freely take many beautiful pictures.

Traveling to the Northern New Year to Moc Chau, Son La, you will admire the majestic and clear beauty of the mountains and valleys in spring, enjoy the fresh air and the bustling highland markets. rhythm, colorful early new year.

Traveling Tet in the North

Come here, remember to check in the beautiful scenery of Ban Ang pine forest, heart tea hill, Dai Yem waterfall, … Happy New Year in Moc Chau, remember to try special delicacies such as lam rice, veal chao , stream fish, pig man, thang co,…

8. Traveling to the North during Tet in Ha Giang

Where should you travel in the North during Tet? This year, you should try to visit Ha Giang land, stop by Heaven’s Gate, admire the wonderful scenery of mountains and rivers, listen to love songs from thousands of years ago, discover the unique cultural colors of the region’s people. high. In the spring of Ha Giang, heaven and earth put on a new color, the whole rocky plateau suddenly brightened by the color of fresh peaches, and white plum flowers bloomed all over the hillsides.

Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling the Northern New Year to Ha Giang, visitors will admire the peaceful beauty of the village, endless rice fields, have fun with bustling highland markets, enjoy many delicious dishes and immerse themselves. in the fresh, peaceful atmosphere.

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9. Where to travel in the North during Tet? Check in right at Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Tet tourist destination in the North of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh attracts tourists by the pristine beauty, bright of nature when the earth and sky change to spring. The time of Tet is when Mai Chau is in the mustard flower season. Coming here at this time, you will admire the beautiful flower fields, the green grass stretches to the horizon. Take a walk around the villages, go to the market, check in Thung Khe, Ban Lac, Mo Luong cave, … to feel the joyful Tet atmosphere, highland specialties.

Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling the Northern New Year to Mai Chau, try to experience the feeling of welcoming the New Year with the locals inside cozy stilts, enjoy delicious specialties such as: sticky rice, chicken wrapped in dong leaves, Grilled meat, .. By the red fire, raise a cup of wine to wish each other a peaceful and lucky new year.

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10. Dien Bien

Nearly 500km from Hanoi, a Tet tourist destination in the North of Dien Bien impresses tourists from near and far with its unique cultural identity, many unique customs and charming scenery. Coming to Dien Bien on New Year’s Day, visitors will be immersed in the Ban flower festival, admire the beautiful Xoe dance of Thai girls, admire the poetic mountain scenery in spring and especially the springtime. enjoy many specialties of the Northwest such as bitter bamboo shoots, deep wine, dried buffalo meat, … attractive.

Traveling Tet in the North

Coming to Dien Bien land on the occasion of Tet, visitors remember to visit famous Dien Bien tourist sites such as Pha Khoang lake, Muong Thanh field, A1 hill relic, A Pa Chai border junction, .. . to clearly feel the beautiful spring air here.

11. Where should you travel on New Year’s Eve in the North? Trang An, Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Northern New Year tourist destination with countless sacred spiritual destinations, many attractive festivals imbued with folklore identity in the Northern Delta attracts a large number of tourists to visit every New Year. spring comes. This place has many famous places to visit, play and entertain such as Hoa Lu ancient capital, Tam Coc, Mua cave, Cuc Phuong national forest, Kenh Ga hot mineral spring, etc. will make you have a Tet holiday. Very happy.

Traveling Tet in the North

Coming to Ninh Binh on the occasion of Tet, tourists must definitely visit Trang An scenic spot. New Year’s Eve is the time when many special festivals take place here, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world to come and celebrate. The scenery here in spring is very beautiful, very suitable for you and your family to save memorable moments. And do not forget to visit Bai Dinh pagoda to worship Buddha, pray for a happy and peaceful new year.

12. Cao Bang – Celebrate Tet with funny stories with the Tay people

Traveling to Cao Bang is beautiful in every season, but the most beautiful and fun is probably the New Year to spring. This is the time when the trees sprout, the flowers bloom, the mountains and forests put on new colors, the Tay villages are bustling with the atmosphere to welcome the traditional New Year,…

Coming here on this occasion, visitors will be immersed in the joyful spring atmosphere, explore the bustling and colorful highland Tet markets, participate in special traditional festivals and enjoy many aromatic specialties. delicious as banh xeo, chicken, che lam, roasted duck pho,…

Traveling Tet in the North

Traveling to the Northern New Year to the border land – Cao Bang, you should not miss famous attractions such as Pac Bo Special National Monument, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Tran Forest Special National Monument. Hung Dao, Nguom Ngao cave,..

Here are the top 12 points Northern New Year travel Very hot, suitable for relaxing with family and relatives on New Year’s Eve. If you want to go with your family and friends to the peaceful high mountains to explore and enjoy the fresh air, Lang Son is the ideal suggestion for you. If you want to find a place to rest and relax, traveling to Ha Long during Tet is the perfect choice.

>>> Planning a trip to Quang Ninh and Lang Son during Tet, don’t forget to book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long, Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son to make your trip more complete.

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