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Hồ Văn Cường là ai? Tiểu sử và đời tư của chàng ca sĩ này

Recently, the press is quite concerned about the singer Ho Van Cuong when it comes to texting “bad news” of his adoptive mother Phi Nhung. So Who is Ho Van Cuong? All questions surrounding this character will be answered by Giai Ngo in the article below.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

Ho Van Cuong is the winner of the first season of Vietnam Idol Kids 2016. The image of a boy with a small and timid figure and a sweet voice with a folk song genre won many hearts from the audience.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

Before winning a music award, he went to weddings in sixth grade to pay for school fees. After the contest, he was adopted by singer Phi Nhung and oriented professional music activities. Ho Van Cuong still studies culture in parallel with art activities.

In the past 4 years, he has released a number of solo music products and collaborated with artists. In 2016, he won the Golden Plum Award in the category “The most favorite folk singer and revolutionary tradition”.

Ho Van Cuong at the age of 17 was commented to have a significant change in appearance. From a short boy, with dark skin, he has grown up with a more stylish style of dress than before.

The young male singer himself commented that he did not change too much after moving to Saigon to live and study. “On stage, I practice for myself the courage to interact and perform in front of the audience. In real life, I am still quite closed and afraid to talk to strangers.

Biography of Ho Van Cuong

When was Ho Van Cuong born?

Ho Van Cuong was born on March 16, 2003. He belongs to the Pisces zodiac sign. Although he is a young singer, he has had many great musical achievements in the country. The boy (how old) that day has become an art activist and is loved by many audiences of all ages.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

Where is Ho Van Cuong’s hometown?

Ho Van Cuong was born in Tien Giang. The singer carries a bold image of sincerity and gentleness of the people of the river country. Despite being born in a poor family, Ho Van Cuong touched many viewers when he was a shining example of filial piety and the effort to rise up in life.

Also for this reason, judge Toc Tien favorably calls Ho Van Cuong an “emotional messenger”, always inspiring many people.

Ho Van Cuong’s height?

Ho Van Cuong’s height is nearly 1m6 and has a dynamic taste in clothes, but with that height and gentle face Ho Van Cuong won the Vietnam Idol Kids champion in July 2016. When participating in the contest, the boy from the West had many outstanding performances with folk music such as “Ly Dat Giong”, “Going to the West”, “I still love bitter vegetables that grow after summer”, “Sa rainstorm”…

Who are Ho Van Cuong’s parents?

Ho Van Cuong’s father is Mr. Ho Van Muoi and Ho Van Cuong’s mother is Mrs. Vo Thi Ngoc Thu. Before being adopted by singer Phi Nhung, both parents worked as hired laborers and could not afford to pay for their children’s education.

After years of accompanying Phi Nhung, now, Ho Van Cuong’s father works as a security guard and his mother works as a maid in a vegetarian restaurant owned by Phi Nhung.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

In a recent interview, Ho Van Cuong said he was looking forward to earning money to buy a house to live with his biological parents.

Who is Ho Van Cuong’s adoptive mother?

Ho Van Cuong’s adoptive mother is singer Phi Nhung. She often takes the child singer to perform on big stages to help him become more bold. For Ho Van Cuong to conveniently pursue singing. Phi Nhung carried out procedures to transfer the boy from Go Cong, Tien Giang to a secondary school in Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Van Cuong’s parents also went to Saigon to live with their children.

Phi Nhung and her adopted son sang a duet at “Changing words to say” in August 2016. In the same year, the boy won the Golden Plum Award in the category of “The most favorite singer with folk music and revolutionary traditions”.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

The boy participates in many musical productions with his adoptive mother. In January 2017, Ho Van Cuong acted in Phi Nhung’s MV “Leaving Homeland”. They play the role of two sisters. Phi Nhung turns into a street vendor sister, and Ho Van Cuong plays a boy selling lottery tickets.

Ho Van Cuong’s singing career

Ho Van Cuong attracted attention when participating in the program Vietnam Idol Kids 2016. At that time, the image of a Western boy with small appearance and black skin was of great interest to everyone.

Not stopping there, Phi Nhung also supported the Vietnam Idol Kids 2016 champion in art activities.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

Ho Van Cuong was facilitated by his adoptive mother to participate in domestic and overseas music programs. Although being loved by the audience, Phi Nhung directed Ho Van Cuong to focus on studying, only going to sing in his free time on weekends.

Ho Van Cuong’s awards

Cuong has been famous since participating in the contest and won the 2016 Child Music Idol Champion. In the following years, Ho Van Cuong continued to receive many great awards such as:

  • 2016: VTV Award 2016 (Impressive Singer).
  • 2017: The 23rd Golden Apricot Award (10 artists of the year).
  • 2018: Keeng Young Awards (Lyric Song, Homeland).

Great songs of Ho Van Cuong

Despite his young age, Ho Van Cuong already has many famous songs in his hand such as:

  • Rainy night miss mom
  • Grandma five
  • Still love bitter vegetables that grow after summer

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

  • Tien Giang is my hometown
  • Sing from the heart
  • New shirt

Ho Van Cuong’s private life

The truth is that Ho Van Cuong texted “bad news” to his adoptive mother Phi Nhung

Through the image spread on social networks, netizens confirmed that Nham Hoang Khang and Vietnam Idol Kids champion were “confiding” about adopting Phi Nhung. Even mentioned many shocking elements such as “This family is all evil”, “Depart in peace”, “Unmask”.

Although I don’t know if this message is real or not, many people can’t help but doubt the relationship between Ho Van Cuong and his adoptive mother Phi Nhung.

Talking on Thanh Nien newspaper on the morning of June 9, singer Ho Van Cuong confirmed that the text message that defamed Phi Nhung’s mother was because he talked with an audience member from a few months ago.

“Looks like I was hacked by a hacker with messages between me and an audience. Hacker threatens people to text me and ask for information. After that, the fan was so scared that she provided the information,” Ho Van Cuong confided.

The winner of Vietnam Idol Kids shared: “At that time, I faced a lot of pressure and frustration, so I showed it like that. Currently, I and my mother live in the house very harmoniously, nothing happens. The fact that I have uncontrollable words, I have already confessed to Nhung’s mother.”

Phi Nhung spoke up in the midst of the controversy with Ho Van Cuong

Phi Nhung said that the adopted child began to be spoiled about a year ago, lazy and difficult to teach. Thinking that she could not teach, the female singer posted the piano thanks to the online community, and at the same time brought the story of severing the mother-daughter relationship to threaten Ho Van Cuong.

The singer also once shared that if my child met an adult, he wouldn’t say hello, wouldn’t know how to help the family. On New Year’s Eve, if I don’t know how to clean the altar, I also give them a few whips.

Most recently, both Phi Nhung and Ho Van Cuong had their own experiences one month after a family incident.

As for Phi Nhung, the singer knows her actions are excessive, but has no other choice.

Ho Van Cuong filmed a clip accusing fans of colluding with IT to reveal information?

On the morning of June 10, after a day of revealing a message with boring family content, wanting to “unmask” someone shocking, Ho Van Cuong and his biological parents filmed a clip to officially speak up. In the clip lasting nearly 5 minutes, Ho Van Cuong denied all negative information related to Phi Nhung and said that someone had lured the male singer into doing bad things.

In addition, Ho Van Cuong’s father also actively contacted the audience to text with his son but received no response, he hoped the authorities would investigate. As for Ho Van Cuong’s mother, she affirms that she believes in Phi Nhung’s personality and personality.

Who is Ho Van Cuong?

In particular, in this statement, Ho Van Cuong also hoped that the authorities would step in to help the family investigate the truth:

“I hope the authorities and authorities help me investigate this matter and besides, I want to apologize to my mother Nhung and my parents for the time I have listened to the words of bad people. to influence Nhung’s mother. Through this, I sincerely apologize to everyone.”

Ho Van Cuong apologized to the audience and announced the termination of cooperation with singer Phi Nhung’s company

After a series of controversies after Phi Nhung’s death, Ho Van Cuong officially spoke up after a period of silence. In his sharing lines, Ho Van Cuong apologized to the audience. Accordingly, Ho Van Cuong also sent a message of thanks to Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang for her goodwill and efforts in the story of Cuong and Phi Nhung’s mother.

In particular, HVC also confirmed that it was not related to Nham Hoang Khang as many people speculated.

Ho Van Cuong’s family expressed their desire not to announce the total amount of money received, but the late singer Phi Nhung said that in addition to the amount of money to perform over the years. As for the company, specifically the manager Phi Nhung – Diem Pham also sent Cuong 500 million VND from the late singer Phi Nhung as promised.

Ho Van Cuong was invited to sign a contract of up to 10 billion VND causing a stir on social media?

Recently, after it was announced that Ho Van Cuong “moved out” of Phi Nhung’s house, a famous dentist in the country – Hoang Huong Dental has posted on the official Fanpage. Specifically, they expressed their desire and desire to invite Ho Van Cuong to be an image ambassador for 2 billion/year for 5 consecutive years.

Van Cuong lake received 10 billion VND

With goodwill from the dentist, the post is currently the center of attraction for many netizens. Besides the congratulatory content for Ho Van Cuong, there are also many other conflicting opinions about this. They think that Ho Van Cuong deserves more on the music path instead of promoting his image, etc.

Former manager Phi Nhung sent a warning message to Ho Van Cuong

Thinking that the scandalous case after the management of Phi Nhung ended, so far the old manager and Ekip have re-released many new messages warning Ho Van Cuong. This person thinks that in the past time, he has suffered many scandals, disadvantages, contempt, …

Officials do not have to wait and see

This person “boldly” posted a series of messages warning Ho Van Cuong and Ho Van Cuong’s FC.

Leaked series of photos Ho Van Cuong did not act well with his biological father?

Not stopping, the old manager Phi Nhung and the team released a series of photos of Ho Van Cuong. The most disturbing thing is that these images show Ho Van Cuong and his parents having a fight with each other.

The image is quite blurry and of poor quality, so all information is still just speculation; has not been authenticated.

so far away from the people

The former manager also confirmed that he was holding a lot of information about Ho Van Cuong. Even clear information in documents proves that the boy once denounced his adoptive mother – the late artist Phi Nhung.

A series of negative information has been released, but fans are still divided in two different directions. Mang Tận Nhà will continue to verify and update you with the latest information.

With the above information, hopefully you already know who Ho Van Cuong is, as well as his biography and cover years of artistic activities as well as the private life of this young male singer. Don’t forget to follow the latest articles on Mang Tận Nhà every day!

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