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IT Nhâm Hoàng Khang là ai? Vì sao bị Bộ Công an bắt giữ?

The information technology world is recently quite concerned about IT guy Nham Hoang Khang when it comes to cooperation with CEO Phuong Hang causing showbiz chaos. So Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang? All questions surrounding this character will be answered by Giai Ngo in the article below.

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

Nham Hoang Khang is a coder – a talented programmer, behind many quite useful applications for users such as pioneering to put eSim into iPhone Lock, which is well known and recognized by the information technology world.

It is known that Nham Hoang Khang is married, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

He works with his personal Facebook is Nham Hoang Khang, currently this social network account is receiving a lot of attention through the noise surrounding the case of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, the owner of Dai Nam JSC, “the representative war” with the showbiz world.

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

Biography of Nham Hoang Khang – IT Nham Hoang?

Detailed biography of IT Nham Hoang Khang

  • Full name: Nham Hoang Khang.
  • Current occupation: Coder – Programmer.
  • Outstanding achievements: Supported software on Iphone, Ipad, put eSim in Iphone lock, ..
  • Marital status: Married.
  • Place to live and work: Ho Chi Minh Ville, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Nham Hoang Khang who is behind utility apps

Nham Hoang Khang rarely speaks, but when he begins to do anything, he will devote himself to it, even forgetting to eat or sleep until he achieves satisfactory results. The hard work through the years of youth has turned Nham Hoang Khang into a brave man.

Nham Hoang Khang finds himself new things every day. For him, creativity and discovery are a necessary reason to live. Nham Hoang Khang once opened an iPhone to find out the principle of operation.

IT career Nham Hoang Khang?

The guy who is passionate about programming

Right from the time he was in school, Nham Hoang Khang showed his natural ability in the field of Information Technology. He spends most of his time sitting in front of the computer and phone to explore and discover.

So it can be said that Nham Hoang Khang is passionate about becoming a programmer, writing excellent code. He has created many new products for users.

Pioneers put eSim in iPhone Lock

The biggest success for Nham Hoang Khang is putting eSim in iPhone Lock. To do this, he studied for a long time. Nham Hoang Khang used his own knowledge and accumulated many fields to create many inventions and inventions.

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

If before, the iPhone Lock, after being activated with the ICCID code, has almost no limitations in features compared to the international version, except for not being able to use eSim.

This solution is to create a virtual server and then connect with users to the server through a proxy to be able to pass eSim. This virtual server is intended to disguise the device’s locked network profile as an eSim with Vietnam sim info.

What is the relationship between IT Nham Hoang and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang?

The case that is very hot recently is the case of CEO Phuong Hang livestream. Previously, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang offered a reward of 1 billion dong for anyone who could find out who was behind the Impermanent account that regularly smeared her.

After only a few days, a young man with real name NHK received 1 billion VND from Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang, after finding out who was behind the facebook account. Netizens have found out, this person is hacker Nham Hoang Khang.

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

On his personal page, he shared: “Ms. Hang plays very well, 1 billion but I take 1/2 and I send it back to you for charity. Thank you very much, don’t believe what the “small figs” say, everyone. It’s so funny that the insiders don’t think there are a few “gods” who can sing for them.

He quickly revealed to Ms. Hang the lists, the person behind the virtual Facebook, specializing in smearing her honor on social networks. After receiving 1 billion VND from Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang, he transferred 500 million VND back because he wanted to send her back for charity.

IT Nham Hoang denounces a series of cases related to Vietnamese stars

The person who opened the Hoai Linh case kept 14 billion money for charity?

In recent days, Hoai Linh has not transferred more than 14 billion VND of charity money to the Central region, causing people to stir and talk. The story got hotter when on the morning of May 25, the male comedian himself confirmed that the rumors he had not transferred were correct.

The reason Hoai Linh gave made people argue more fiercely:

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

Many people believe that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang started this charity money case through a “dream”. However, the first person to denounce Hoai Linh was IT Nham Hoang Khang – who was directly transferred by Dung’s wife “lime kiln” 500,000,000 VND for finding the character of Impermanence against Dai Nam’s owner.

IT Nham Hoang Khang found out who texted and blackmailed Vice Principal Duc Hai?

On his personal page, Nham Hoang Khang (IT guy) said that he had found the person who sent blackmail to Vice Principal Duc Hai. According to Khang, this “spam blackmail” service tenant may be related to artist Duc Hai.

“You won’t escape my hand,” Nham Hoang Khang said, referring to the artist Duc Hai who used his own name spam message service to slander him.

Specifically, this afternoon on June 8, Khang received a message from a “junior” named H. (abbreviated, working in marketing services) this junior said that “a stranger” had hired the service. “Spam messages blackmailing artist Duc Hai” in which the extortion content has the name Nham Hoang Khang in order to slander Khang.

“They used the user to text Duc Hai’s phone number, in general, this time I won’t escape my hand,” Nham Hoang Khang said.

Accordingly, Nham Hoang Khang said that he is currently looking for information about the tenant of the “spam message” service sent to the artist Duc Hai number.

IT Nham Hoang Khang denounces the “past” of singer Phi Nhung?

On June 4, “IT guy” Nham Hoang Khang, who is also a supporter of Phuong Hang, suddenly confirmed that the person behind the account that regularly attacked Ms. Hang was the former manager of female singer Phi Nhung – whose real name is At the same time, he also discovered many inappropriate actions of the female singer and decided to “unmask” all of them.

However, up to now, “he IT” – Nham Hoang Khang has remained silent and has not released evidence to denounce Phi Nhung’s past as previously stated. Explaining this, he said: “It’s not that I like to touch Phi Nhung, but because Diem – Phi Nhung’s husband touches me first.

All Phi Nhung fans listen to me, I never do unreasonable things, because that party touches me first, I have clear evidence. The Phi Nhung issue I will talk about later, now I need more evidence, now I have 1 evidence that is also quite important… it’s almost out, sorry guys.”

Who is IT Nham Hoang Khang?

Besides, he also released a chat message with Phi Nhung’s current manager and affirmed: “Who knows Phi Nhung and Diem, this D.MT often plays over there… I don’t know Mrs. Diem. This is so profound.”

Notably, after Phuong Hang released a series of one-way information, there was not enough authentic evidence about Phi Nhung, “IT guy” Nham Hoang Khang suddenly revealed that his family was being attacked. Some people even took his son’s photo to photoshop in a less charming way.

Before this incident, he expressed frustration: “They think they will make me angry, they even put a picture of my wife with the JAV actor. Or my wedding picture, it took Hoai Linh’s face into it”.

IT posted a status calling for help, hope everyone can help Ho Van Cuong?

In the latest post, set to auto-post, “IT guy” Nham Hoang Khang called for help on behalf of Ho Van Cuong – Phi Nhung’s adopted son with a series of shocking text messages.

“Dear friends, Cuong is being threatened and intimidated, and so is Cuong’s contact, I sent the police the day before but they need time to investigate. Surely the safety of the sister and Cuong will be fine when everyone watches this video clip.

Cuong said this house is full of demons, not wrong. Truth a lot of people believe Khang it? Please share and help Khang so that people who threaten children will come to the law. Cuong’s mother was miserable, Cuong’s cat was attacked by Phi Nhung and DP; MT (abbreviation) took all the rods, only sent some to her mother. Cuong’s mother is working as a housekeeper in PN’s house These days, practicing for Cuong’s mother to drink, eat and play…

Perhaps this is the last status Khang posted, everyone remember if there are no posts in the next 24 hours, it must be because you are protecting your family. Someone just threatened to kill their child. This mob is cruel. Please call the police to save Cuong, call for clarification of the children Phi Nhung raises, please call Phi Nhung to publicize charity in 2020. Phi Nhung promised but never did”, Nham Hoang Khang wrote on the personal page. core.

Nham Hoang Khang once caused a stir among netizens when he announced that he would “expose the past” of female singer Phi Nhung and to this day, although there is no new information about Phi Nhung, Khang has also made netizens stand still. He couldn’t sit still when he said that Ho Van Cuong – adopted son Phi Nhung was in a dangerous situation related to his adoptive mother.

Above is information about who is IT Nham Hoang Khang, biography and relationship with Ms. Phuong Hang. Don’t forget to follow Mang Tận Nhà to update good news every day!

Nham Hoang Khang denounces Giang Kim Cuc’s charity group

Nham Hoang Khang revealed that he was the first person to denounce the charity work of Giang Kim Cuc group.

Specifically, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang’s IT uncle revealed that he was the first to denounce the volunteering problem of Giang Kim Cuc’s group on August 23. Nham Hoang Khang said he had sent a warning to the community while no one knew anything about the truth of this group’s volunteer work.

Around that time, the volunteer group Giang Kim Cuc was receiving much criticism for stealing charity money.

Nham Hoang Khang confirmed to publish a statement of VND 280 billion

On the night of September 11, netizens stirred when on the personal page of Mr. IT Nham Hoang Khang, he announced that he would prove that the Hang Huu Charity Fund had VND 280 billion, full statements from A – Z, up to 3 days.

Text of the post: “I will prove Hang Huu fund 280 billion VND, full statement from AZ. If I can’t do it, I’m not Nham. Max 3 days 12-15”,

280 ty

It is known that Hang Huu Charity Fund was founded and put into operation by Mr. Huynh Uy Dung and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang in September 2014.

Since its inception, the fund has helped 2,000 children be saved thanks to the fund’s support.

However, on June 23, the “Hang Huu Heart” Charity Fund sent an official dispatch to three major hospitals: Da Nang Hospital, Children’s Hospital Ho Chi Minh City and Cho Ray Hospital about the temporary suspension of funding. supporting the programs “Hung Huu Heart” and “Golden Hour of Emergency” from October 2021. The reason given in the document is that due to the increasingly complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, Dai Nam Joint Stock Company has suspended all business and service activities of Dai Nam Cultural Tourist Area. sport.

The incident is currently attracting great attention from the online community.

“You IT” Nham Hoang Khang was arrested for appropriating property?

On October 4, according to official news sites, the Criminal Police Department (C02, Ministry of Public Security) arrested Nham Hoang Khang (34 years old) in Can Tho to investigate the act of “taking property”.

Accordingly, the investigating agency received a denunciation that Khang had infiltrated computer network data related to gambling. Mr. IT then performed extortion to hundreds of millions of dong.

Authorities are investigating. According to the initial investigation results, the authorities determined that Nham Hoang Khang received 400 million VND from this line.

Currently, the case is attracting the attention of a large number of public. Mang Tận Nhà will continue to inform you about the incident!

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