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Awesome funny sayings bring us moments of extremely attractive entertainment. Life is full of chaos that makes us stressed all the time, these funny sayings have the mission to help us relax and be happier immediately. If you don’t believe it, let’s follow this article right now!

Top funniest quotes of all time

Humorous sayings appear everywhere on social networks. People look to them as a place to relax the soul most easily. Let’s feel it together!

– Never rush for a girlfriend when no one loves you!

– If you are poor, you can spend money to be rich and less surprised.

– Light precedes sound, so people look smart until we hear them speak!

– Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

Conscience is something that feels hurt while other parts of the body feel good.

– From afar, it looks like Thuy Kieu, near and close, I know Chi Pheo’s lover.

– Behind a man’s success is always a woman and behind a man’s failure is a real woman.

– If love is light, then marriage is electricity bill!

The best medicine for you is laughter. But when you laugh for no reason, then you need medicine.

– If that day didn’t go to you, didn’t meet you… now I’d be rich.

– Hey money, do you miss my wallet? Wallet is sitting with his mouth open and watching the money come back. Money goes not keep promises. If you go and go, will you come back again?

– With you, I am strangely peaceful. Away from you, I feel strange but also quite peaceful.

The shortest way to go from a heart to a heart is a blood transfusion.

A good wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong.

– Love is immortal, only the lover can change.

– I am not a “washing specialist OMO” so that I can get rid of sad and annoying things… I also don’t want to be Comfort or Downy for a long time, clinging to things that don’t work all day.

– We love animals, because… their meat is delicious.

– The lover is not born and does not die by itself, but it just transfers from one hand to another!!!

The use of soldiers is not as precious as speed, and the use of women is not as valuable as flattery.

– Behind every successful man there is always a woman………….saying that he will never do anything good.!!

– Choose a place to eat, choose a place to play, choose a place to wander.

– Secret kisses are always the sweetest and always have the most hidden slaps.

To love someone is hard, to kick it is even harder.

– Peacock stone is an art and the person who kicks the stone is also an artist.

– Friendship after love is the bullet of favor of the death row inmate.

– Everyone’s house lights are on, his friend’s wife is trying to take care.

– A woman’s flesh is nourished by affection, a woman’s heart is nourished by funds.

– For our Children’s future. Beat their children to death!!

– Do not talk while kissing.

– Studying is like a fish braised with pepper, if you have a lot of salt, you will be stupid.

– Fish do not eat salt spoilage. I don’t eat salt….missing iodine, my dear.

Money doesn’t matter, the problem is no money.

– Hundred years of overseas Vietnamese are still overseas. So the first time is difficult, of course.

– Don’t go looking for perfect people, because no one is perfect. Only when you love them will they be complete.

– The flowers that grow on the snow are still fresh, the person who is still smiling in pain is you.

– No matter what anyone says, the lazy guy still keeps copying the lesson.

– Love each other, the fruit is also round, hate each other even though the shoes are worn, they will also be divided.

– I love you even mountains to climb
Several river wading, some also pass through
But now busy playing billiards
Well, I’ll go home because it’s not far from home.

– Why do you study, what do you do in exams, Tu Xuong still fails, let alone me

– There are days when grinding iron… bottle hands

– The learning motto of modern youth today is: sleep in the sun, rest in the rain, go out in the shade

– Where does happiness come from pink? Have you done anything over there, no one can give it to you.

Love is to say, just like hunger is to eat

– When we parted, I thought I could forget a part of the past about you… who would have thought. I completely forgot, lol

– I used to do everything with empty hands. By now I have a huge debt

Beautiful just to love, graceful just to look at. But the short but loving legs … are passionate for a lifetime.

Alcohol is a substance with color, odor and taste. When working with dog meat apricot leaves. Will cause violent precipitation and personality evaporation.

Immortal funny sayings are most sought after

Immortal funny sayings have been an indispensable part of people of all ages. This is like a tonic to help our spirit to relax the most. If you are having an unhappy situation, try to feel these funny sayings, you will feel happy right away. Do not miss it!

– When we parted, I thought I could forget a part of the past about you… who would have thought. I completely forgot, lol

– I used to do everything with empty hands. By now I have a huge debt

Beautiful just to love, graceful just to look at. But the short but loving legs … are passionate for a lifetime.

Alcohol is a substance with color, odor and taste. When working with dog meat apricot leaves. Will cause violent precipitation and personality evaporation.

– In life, you don’t have to be close friends. Because there are so many assholes who label themselves best friends

– You hate me???? I’m sorry but I don’t like you either

– Being single is not being lonely, being single is waiting for a nice person to fall in love with

– The subscriber you just called for life cannot be contacted. Please: Delete Number, Cross Name, Forget All

– Ex-lovers are like money falling into a pile of shit, if you don’t pick them up, you’ll regret picking them up :))))))

– In athletics, it’s best to run while… spreading nails

– Alive, still have teeth to smile :))
Laughing makes life happy. Crying makes life like a funeral?

– Bad but still far. Even though she has AIDS, she still wants to donate blood.

-Smoking isn’t cool, smoking is to defecate

– Among so many civilized and understanding people…
There are still groups of short brains and pitifully less twisted brains :))

– The wicked Jianghu I am not afraid, only afraid of the way back SEE your shadow.

– That’s what I am ^^
Live without relying on anyone 🙂
With my own feet =)
Who like you ;
Live by clinging to boys :))

– Better public misery… Than pretending to be a saintly deer

– One word is Best Friend.
The second word is Small and Fake.
Need Tao is Tao.
And turn like the Wind when I need it.

– Live Worthy; ))
Don’t lose your friendship because of blindness
If you’re in contact, you’ll understand. If you don’t play, don’t SPEAK :-j

– Wild Dog thinks she is the Queen of society!
The Scabies Cat thinks he is the Superior of the world.

– I’m not HOT, I’m NORMAL bro
No MEDIUM Not Egocentric No SUPER STARS No Fear
But it’s very CAO and the father is a liar =))

– Toad, Frog, and Frog Uong who are paranoid that they are long-legged Mi Nuong =))

– The warbler claims to have a quarrel with the Falcon… The chimpanzee claims to be prettier than the gorilla =))

The funniest quotes about life

In addition to sayings about love full of sweet and romantic, the best Facebook quotes are also chosen by many young people to share with their friends. Reading these funny quotes will make you happy and full of positive energy for the new day. Follow along!

– Good people are many, but reasonable people are few…

– Live and die together, don’t care if you’re sick…

– All beginnings are difficult. Frustration.

– People often play nice, play crush people…

– Lover is ephemeral, teacher is eternal…

Be natural, but don’t forget that you’re a guest.

– Money is not everything, because in this world there are gold and diamonds.

– If it’s wrong, correct it, but if it’s pregnant, give birth…

– I can resist everything, except… temptation.

– You look familiar, it seems that I…have never met.

– Not yet high, but still a long time… to wake up.

Young people want to be spoiled, they must have money.

– Don’t ever sell your brother cheaply if you haven’t got the price.

– I was walking on the street, suddenly I saw something unusual.
Facing the wall. Again…normal

– Beautiful girls have to be spoiled if they want money.

– My heart open just 2 times
Pick him and kicked him in.

– Good land birds perch, unwholesome land drinks birds

– Light up in the morning, fight at noon, wait in the afternoon
Hold the results sheet and keep your face blank.

Money is paper, but paper is not money

– Failure to be afraid of success

– Everyone understands only… 1 person doesn’t understand

– There are toys to bring… bring back…

– Bloody Jianghu I am not afraid, just afraid of the way back… see your shadow!

– Sad to sit and curse the boss to play
The next day, when I lost my job, I was sad.

– Once upon a time we were in the sky
Because of drinking alcohol, the heavens were banished here.
Come down here, let’s get drunk
Cirrhosis new ascites fly to the sky.

– What you should know, there’s only one thing you shouldn’t know: Don’t know.

There are 2 things to know in life:
Rule 1: Don’t tell others what you know
– Article 2: Look back at the number 1 thing.

– Always listen. took a long time to understand.

– Whether a girl or a boy is pregnant.

– Be calm, confident, don’t be bitter, silently endure revenge later.

Life is unfair, rich it hates, poor it despises, smart it envy.

– I will always remember the moment I looked into your eyes. I wish I could look into your eyes and say to you, “Look at me”.

– The house does not need to be big, it is important to have a lot of Land!

– The house is on the street, my father is Quan: it’s old, Diem! As long as the house is near Car Street, no one can touch it, it’s ok!

– Never hit a woman with even a flower, but use a handkerchief to pack a “brick”

– Anger doesn’t go away on its own, it just moves from one person’s anger to another’s fear!!

– The hairy gentleman – The furry little man! What if I have two types?

Funny sayings about unique love

Follow us to follow the funniest sayings to help you have great entertainment moments, dispel the chaos of life right away! Let’s feel together!

-It’s easy to get used to a stranger
But how difficult it is to be a stranger to someone you used to know.

Smart people have a lot of things to do every day
A fool has only 3 things to do every day:
+ Eat.
+ Sleep.
+ Hack Viettel.

– What is SELF???
is to live the century on its own.

– When I was a kid, I thought I was going to take a bath when I was naked
Growing up, I learned that I don’t just take a bath to get naked.

– I’m healthy, I’m beautiful, I’m civilized
Who criticizes him, he despises the whole ward
You are so cute and precious
Who criticizes him, he is similar to his mouth.

Love comes and goes, but illness, children and debt will stay…

– If you don’t know how to lie, you will
never know when someone else lied to you.

– Life is short!
So don’t waste time with people
no time for you.

– With you, I’m strangely peaceful
Away from you, I feel strange but also quite peaceful.

– The end of stupidity
is being too kind to a lot of people.

– .Blessed grace raised me up
The waves of life teach me wisdom
Do not cry no matter how bitter.
Despite the pain, still cold.

-Likes to have to move to the finish line
Once it does not move, it disappears without explanation.

– The ship will be very safe when anchored in the harbor.
But ships are not built for that purpose.

– Daughter:
– When the nose is bad, the eyes are beautiful
– If your eyes are bad, your mouth is pretty
– If the skin is thick, the hair is beautiful
– Ugly face is beautiful
– Bad people have beautiful souls
One way or another, being a girl means they have to be beautiful.

God you are so unfair. 😦 😦 😦:
– Create a daughter to be a son.
– But make me a son to make a girl happy.

-When I was a kid, I thought only medicine was bitter..
Now that I’ve grown up, I know that there are things that are more bitter than medicine.

– If you do not accept a person’s bad character
then don’t try to love that person.As a human being, no one is perfect.

– Fools are often dangerous
Dangerous people often act stupid.

Anger is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.

-Thousands of times saying love is not equal to a needful statement!
A thousand words of care are not equal to one care…

The truth is the most precious thing we have.
Please save it.

– When men are silent, they are thinking
When women are silent they are inferring.

Above we have shared with you some impressive and wonderful funny quotes to help you have the most relaxing moments. Don’t forget to share more lines funny stt about lovelife to have more meaningful relaxing moments!

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