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Hieu Waterfall

In the journey Thanh Hoa tourismdon’t miss the chance to explore Hieu waterfall Pu Luong to enjoy the fresh air of the great thousand, immerse in the cool water and enjoy the irresistible delicious specialties. Follow the article to learn about this special destination!

1. Learn a little about Hieu Pu Luong waterfall

1.1. Where is Thac Hieu?

Hieu waterfall is located in Pu Luong nature reserve, in Co Lung commune, Ba Thuoc district, about 180km from Hanoi.. Surrounding Hieu waterfall is a system of limestone mountains hidden in a pristine old forest, interspersed with ethnic villages and poetic terraced fields.

Every season of the year, visitors can go to Hieu waterfall to admire its very own beauty. In the summer, the water is clear, cool, and warm in the winter. In the rainy season, the waterfall flows, roars and turns into a strange opaque white color.

Hieu Waterfall

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1.2. The legend of Hieu village, Hieu waterfall

Not only possessing enchanting beauty, Hieu Pu Luong waterfall There is also a thrilling story still preserved in the memory of the old mothers of Ban Hieu. The story goes that, once upon a time, a poor boy from Leo village went to Doc village to find a wife. Busy crossing the road far from the mountains and forests, he stopped to rest by the gentle stream, the surrounding land was flat, the grass was green.

Later, he and his wife chose to come here to cultivate the fields and build a house by the stream. On the day when parents and villagers came to celebrate their new home, a herd of deer returned to the stream to drink water. His father-in-law thought it was predestined, so he named it the Deer stream, when the population increased, the Deer village was formed. After, The famous beauty of Thanh Hoa This is widely read as the Hieu/Thac Hieu as it is today.

Hieu Waterfall

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2. What’s attractive about Hieu Pu Luong Waterfall?

2.1. Enjoy the fresh, poetic air of Thac Hieu

Surrounded by a large primeval forest, Hieu Pu Luong waterfall has fresh air and a pleasant climate all year round. This is an ideal place for visitors to temporarily get away from the dust and noise of the city to find relaxation, re-energize and breathe in the fresh air by the murmuring waterfall flowing day and night.

Hieu Waterfall

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2.2. Have fun and cool off at Thac Hieu

Hieu Pu Luong waterfall has a length of about 800m, from the rocky mountain, the water flows halfway and then splits into 2 branches flowing in two directions, merging at the end of the stream. Outside the foot of the waterfall there is a natural swimming pool, just over 1m deep. Coming here, visitors can freely wade the waterfall, cool off at the lake and look at the majestic mountains.

Hieu Waterfall

2.3. Check in between the mountains and forests at Hieu Pu Luong Waterfall

Hieu Pu Luong Waterfall with both majestic and poetic scenery will be a great background for the cool check-in photos. Visitors also do not forget to walk around Hieu village to admire the rustic and peaceful beauty of the stilt houses and terraced fields.

Hieu Waterfall

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2.4. Enjoy Thanh Hoa specialties at Hieu Pu Luong Waterfall

It would be a mistake to come to Hieu waterfall without enjoying the famous Co Lung duck – a naturally raised duck with delicious taste, small bones, firm and tender meat. In addition, Pu Luong also has many delicious specialties to treat tourists from far away such as: hill chicken, grilled pork, bitter bamboo shoots, lam rice…

Hieu Waterfall

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With countless attractions, do not forget to choose Hieu waterfall as a destination in your upcoming trip to Thanh Hoa. In addition, the land of Thanh also owns many attractive destinations such as: Sam Son tourism in Thanh Hoa, Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, Lam Kinh, Hai Tien beach in Thanh Hoa,… Therefore, to have a full journey of fun and discovery, book a resort at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa.

The hotel is located in the city center with luxurious and comfortable space and high-class services and facilities that will help you rest comfortably and conveniently visit.

Hieu Waterfall

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Hieu Waterfall Pu Luong – a place that hides many interesting things in the middle of a thousand promises to bring you interesting experiences. Let’s go on a journey to explore Hieu waterfall to relax, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy delicious dishes with bold flavors of the mountains, friends!

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