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Kiwi Ngô Mai Trang là ai? Tiểu sử, sự nghiệp Ngô Mai Trang

Referring to who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi, many people will think of a successful businessman. However, many people still do not know about it Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?. To learn more about this girl, let’s find out with Giai Ngo now!

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang is a model, singer, esthetician and businessman in Vietnam. It can be said that Ngo Mai Trang operates in many different fields. This is considered a woman with the most outstanding talent in showbiz.

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

It is known that Ngo Mai Trang won the Miss Talent award in the Miss Asia Pacific pageant in China. Moreover, she is also the exclusive singer of Elite Vietnam.

Also from that moment, the question who is Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang gradually became HOT on websites, newspapers, etc. The name of the singer at that time came to the audience in such a close way.

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang Biography

Who is Kiwi Mai Trang, Giai Ngo has compiled information for you. To better understand this talented singer and model, follow the biography of Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang who is!

When was Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang born?

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang was born on April 17, 1982. She is now 39 years old. Although she has reached the threshold of 40, she has always kept in shape and is as young and beautiful as the springtime.

What is the real name of Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang?

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang’s real name is Ngo Thi Mai Trang. The reason she took the title Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang to make it easier to call and impress the audience more. It was this name that helped her come closer to the public.

Where is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi from?

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. Nam Dinh. However, she is currently living in the city. Ho Chi Minh with a small family. As can be seen, TP. Ho Chi Minh is the best place to help Mai Trang keep and develop her career.

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

In Ho Chi Minh, she developed her career in the best way. Her projects are always followed and supported by the audience.

How tall is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang owns a height of 1m69. With this height, she soon signed up for model training courses. Moreover, Ngo Mai Trang became a professional and excellent model. Probably who Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang is and how tall she is is something everyone wants to know.

How much does Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi weigh?

Perhaps the information about the height of the model, singer Ngo Mai Trang has not been revealed by the girl. However, when meeting her, everyone will be surprised by her body. Mai Trang owns a balanced body with 3 standard rings.

The career of singer, model Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang

Singer and model Ngo Mai Trang graduated in Marketing from the University of Economics. In 2004, she signed up for a model training course of Elite Vietnam company. Most especially, Ngo Mai Trang became a model right at this moment.

After a year of career pursuit, Mai Trang was selected to participate in the Miss Asia Pacific pageant in 2005. At this contest she won the Miss with the best voice award. Therefore, after the contest, she was invited to be the exclusive singer for Elite Vietnam.

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

In October 2006, Ngo Mai Trang quit her modeling career and pursued a singing career. In 2009 she released her first product. Moreover, she also participated in many different music programs.

In 2016, Ngo Mai Trang and her husband founded Kiwi Brow Art International Studio & Academy. With the company, she is one of the famous estheticians. Mai Trang also opened more vocational training classes in the field of beauty in Canada, the United States, Vietnam, …

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

In 2007, Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang won the first prize of the Master Chef contest. After that, the businesswoman opened a chain of restaurants specializing in receiving Japanese food, coffee, etc.

In 2020, Ngo Mai Trang continues to expand and open more Kiwi Slimming Institute. Until 2021, she released a set of songs with singer Quang Ha. It can be seen that the career path of the singer and model is extremely smooth and successful.

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang’s private life

Who is Ngo Mai Trang’s kiwi husband/boyfriend/lover?

Kiwi’s husband Ngo Mai Trang is a successful businessman Do Hoang Duong. It is known that on May 31, 2007 she got married and has a married life with her husband. In addition, she considers that she is lucky to have met her lover and is a husband who loves her dearly.

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

In 2008, after giving birth to her first son, she continued to return to her singing career. Ngo Mai Trang confided that her husband has always been a supporter of her pursuit of her passion for singing. By 2017, her whole small family had 3 sons, Do Gia Phuc, Do Gia Minh and Do Gia Tri.

What does Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang’s husband do?

Kiwi’s husband Ngo Mai Trang is known as a successful businessman. Do Hoang Duong used to work as a flight attendant for Vietnam Airlines. However, he wants to challenge himself in many different fields.

It is known that before establishing the Vietnamese milk tea brand Sado Chado, Do Hoang Duong has built success in many fields such as real estate, etc. Moreover, he also wants to focus on developing milk tea.

The family of Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang

Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang and her husband, businessman Do Hoang Duong, have had a very happy married life. She and he gave birth to 3 sons, now Mai Trang also wants to have another baby. Mai Trang also hopes that she will give birth to a daughter.

She also shared that her current life is very full and fulfilling. Mai Trang’s husband has always supported her on her musical path, however, she still wants to spend more time with her family.

Who is Ngo Mai Trang Kiwi?

Above is the information about who is Kiwi Mai Trang that Giai Ngo shared with you. Hopefully with that information can help you better understand this multi-talented girl. Let’s share the article to let everyone know more about Mai Trang!

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