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Ky Cung Temple Festival

Once a year, Ky Cung temple festival – Ta Phu is held in the joy and joy of the people of Lang land. This festival is also known as an attractive cultural activity, attracting many tourists during their trip Lang Son tourism.

1. The origin of the name Ky Cung Ta Phu temple festival

The origin of the name Ky Cung Ta Phu Temple festival started from a legend that was passed on by many people living here. In the past, in this area of ​​​​Kyong temple, he worshiped Tuan Tranh mandarin of the Tran dynasty, but due to many injustices, he threw himself into the Ky Cung river and committed suicide. After a period of time, Ta-Admiral Han, Duke of Than Cong Tai, was nominated to Lang land and vindicated Mr. Tuan Tranh. Since then, people have also established Ta Phu Temple to worship.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

Thanks to Mr. Than Cong Tai’s actions, every year, on the occasion of January right of the Horse, Lang Son people held a ceremony to process Mr. Tuan Tranh’s incense bowl from Ky Cung temple to Ta Phu temple to show their gratitude. thanks. The name Ky Cung Ta Phu temple festival was born from that.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

Today, the throne Ky Cung TempleTa Phu Temple has become one of the Lang Son tourist destination quartet famous. Especially, together with Tham Thanh Pagoda Festival and Phai Lua festivalKy Cung – Ta Phu temple festival is known as Lang Son festival A must-have special feature when coming to Lang.

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2. When does Ky Cung Temple Festival in Lang Son take place?

Ky Cung Temple Festival in Lang Son is held from the 22nd to the 27th of the first lunar month annual. Joining the Ky Cung Ta Phu festival is an extremely worthwhile experience during the trip travel at the beginning of the year in Lang Son.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

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3. Discover the special features of Ky Cung festival – Ta Phu Lang Son

Spiritual tourism The land of Lang and the bustling atmosphere of the Ky Cung Ta Phu Lang Son festival will be an extremely unforgettable experience. Let’s explore the exciting activities included in this festival right now!

3.1. The procession of incense bowls of Quan Lon Tuan Tranh

At the time of the Horse on January 22, the procession of incense bowls of Quan Lon Tuan Tranh will take place from Ky Cung temple to Ta Phu temple. The procession will go through the central streets, especially when it comes to junctions or intersections, they will rotate and fire fireworks to attract the attention of participating visitors.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

Those who are selected to process the palanquin will be called “Dong Nam”, the bearer of the crest is “Duong Dong”, they will be young men, wearing splendid costumes, suitable for the festival. In addition, when participating in the festival, visitors will be attracted by the beautiful mediums representing the ancient beliefs of Mother Goddess worship.

During the path of the procession passing, the families on both sides of the road will prepare the ceremony tray in front of the house with the hope of peace and fortune. Accompanying the palanquin procession will be the lion and dragon dance troupes, which have contributed to making the festival more lively and exciting.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

3.2. Exciting part at Ky Cung festival

Besides the palanquin procession from Ky Cung temple to Ta Phu temple, during the 6 days of the festival, many folk games will be held such as human stork, bird fighting, stick pushing, lion dance. , singing love songs, … all created a joyful and bustling atmosphere of an urban area in the early spring.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

In particular, on the 23rd and 24th, a unique and exciting firecracker game will take place as an attractive highlight of the festival. According to the concept, if anyone steals this cannon for the whole year, they will have good luck and fortune in the new year.

Ky Cung Temple Festival

When joining Ky Cung temple festivalTourists not only enjoy the bustling atmosphere, but also have the opportunity to admire a unique and diverse cultural beauty of Lang ethnic people. What are you waiting for, do not plan a spring trip to Lang Son at the beginning of the year and join the Ky Cung Ta Phu festival right away!


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Ky Cung Temple Festival

Traveling to Lang Son at the beginning of the year, in addition to the schedule to experience the famous Ky Cung temple festival, visitors can also visit many other famous Lang Son tourist sites such as: Model Son, Tam Thanh Pagoda, Ai Chi Lang, citadel of the Mac dynasty, Dong Kinh market and enjoy the food Lang Son specialties famous near and far.

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Ky Cung Temple FestivalKy Cung Temple Festival

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Participation Ky Cung temple festival – Ta Phu will really be an extremely memorable cultural experience when coming to Lang Son. If you are looking for a spring vacation destination with many attractive things, do not hesitate to choose Lang Son right away. There are many interesting things waiting for you in Lang at the beginning of this year. Schedule now!

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