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Phai Lua festival

If the Kinh people sing Quan ho Lim festival, the Ede people in the Central Highlands have the Trau Dam festival, the Muong have the Gong festival… Phai Lua festival Tay and Nung people in Hong Phong commune have their own unique features. Here, there are not only diverse games but also a form of competition through healthy sports to exercise. If there is a chance Lang Son tourism Visitors should not miss the opportunity to participate in this special festival.

1. When and where does the Phai Lua festival take place?

Phai Lua Festival one of Lang Son festival unique associated with the river legend of the people of Hong Phong commune. Festival is held Once every 3 years to enter April 4, leap year at Ba communal house, Po Ku village and Ong communal house on Van Mich street.

Coming to this festival, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy cultural performances, watch village boys from all over the village compete through folk sports such as rafting, swimming, diving. … but also reminiscing about the precious spiritual and cultural values ​​of the community.

Phai Lua festival

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2. Legend of the origin of the Lang Son Donkey Festival

Legend has it that in the past, on the wharf of the Van Mich river, there was a poor couple who lived by fishing. Life was hard all year round, but only enough to eat. Not only that, but until the age of 40, they still have not had a baby, both of them are sad beyond words.

One day, the wife dreamed that lightning hit her side. When she woke up, she quickly told her husband. The husband reassured his wife and said, “God foretold that we met good things“. Indeed, since that dream, the wife has become pregnant, and their fishing life by the river is still going so smoothly.

Until one day they went fishing on the Van Mich river, when pulling up the net, they happened to see a very strange egg, the tip of the egg had a very red dot. Seeing as strange, the couple brought it home to try, after a while the eggs hatched into a snake with a crest. Because the grandparents had not given birth, they accepted the Snake as their son. And the wife, after a full-term pregnancy, gave birth to a son and considered him a younger brother of the Snake.

Over time the two brothers grew up and matured. One day, the two brothers invited each other to the river to bathe. Due to swimming far away, the younger brother was caught by Thuong Luong. When the whole family heard the story, it was indescribably sad. Because of his hatred for Thuong Luong who took her away, the Snake went all the way to Thuong Luong’s lair to destroy the enemy, both to avenge her and to eliminate the danger to the people in the area.

After killing all Thuong Luong, Snake went home to say goodbye to his parents and promised to visit his parents every 3 years, then swam down to the Ky Cung river and lived there.

To always remember the gratitude and admire the extraordinary power to destroy the wicked and bring peaceful life to the people. Later, the villagers along the Van Mi River built a communal house to worship their parents and the Snake guy by the Pac Lo Dang banyan tree. Since then, the Phai Lua festival is usually held every 3 years on the 4th day of the first leap year with the ritual procession of incense bowls walking around Van Mich wharf. The meaning of this ritual is to welcome the Snake guy to visit his parents and visit the villagers to see how their relatives do business and work.

Phai Lua festival

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3. What’s unique about the Phai Lua Festival in Lang Son?

Phai Lua festival in Hong Phong commune, Binh Gia district is organized into two main parts:

  • Ceremony part: The ritual of worshiping the Snake God is performed by local shamans
  • Assembly part: Fun activities, sports, cultural performances

3.1. Join the procession of incense bowls to welcome the Snake god to the village

To organize the Binh Gia Phai Lua festival, from the beginning of March, the elders of the three families: Vy, Do, and Nong (three long-standing families in the commune, having contributed to building and managing the communal house) will gather. meeting to discuss and agree on the organization of the festival.

The ceremony and ceremony committee will include: 1 pú mo (shaman); 1 pú Hoi (the helper of the pú mo); 3 Pu Dinh (representative of 3 families governing the communal house) and shaman practice rituals at Ong and Ba communal houses. There are also young men carrying incense bowls (4-6 people), holding flags, carrying palanquins, preparing offerings and a lion team (12-16 people).

At the beginning of the festival, people along the Van Mich river and neighboring villages will gather at Dinh Ong. Here, an altar will be set up in a palanquin with a snake statue with pork, chicken, sticky rice, and wine. The shaman will make a sacrifice to the Snake god and invite him to attend the festival, visit his adoptive parents and villagers; Pray for everyone’s health and peace, for a bountiful harvest, for cattle, pigs and chickens to be full…

Phai Lua festival

The procession of the Snake God procession starts from Ong communal house to Tho Cong temple, then goes around the market and Van Mich street. Each family on the route that the procession passes through makes a vegetarian meal to welcome the Snake God with the desire to pray for fortune, happiness and luck.

Phai Lua festival

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3.2. Have fun with the villagers with traditional games

After the ritual of sacrifice and procession of the Serpent God, came the competition of young men representing the villages in the commune. Some traditional contests can be mentioned: rowing raft, swimming, diving competition, diving competition to catch propellers, lion dance, sli singing and many other folk games. Specifically:

  • Rafting (Phi Lua): Each row of rowing consists of 3 competing teams. The rowers must kneel to row, not stand, sit or support their hands on the raft. The race takes place on a river over 1000m long and the raft to the finish line wins;

Phai Lua festival

  • Swim, scuba diving and scuba diving competition: organized into 3 races, in each round there are 3 participating teams;

Phai Lua festival

  • Lion dance: symbolizes strength, prosperity, convenience and happiness;
  • Sing sli: groups of men and women gathered along the riverbank and around the festival area to sing together. This is an opportunity to help young men and women have the opportunity to make friends, get to know each other, create a joyful and united atmosphere in the community.

Phai Lua festival

At the end of the festival, the shaman and representatives of the 3 families of Nong, Do, Vy and the lion team will carry out a ritual process of incense bowls of the Snake God to Ong and Ba communal houses, report the festival results, and see the Snake God off. house and close the festival with a bowing dance of the lion team.

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4. The meaning of Phai Lua Binh Gia festival

Stemming from folk legends, the Phai Lua festival in Lang Son is held with the meaning of welcoming the Snake god to visit his parents and villagers, expressing gratitude for merits, admiring his extraordinary strength and brave determination. Destroy the bad guys. Boat racing is an activity to welcome and commemorate the day when the Snake entered the river to fight with the Thuong Luong to keep people’s lives still.

In addition, the Phai Lua festival also shows the principle of “drinking water, remembering the source”, commemorating the merits of those who have contributed to the village. This is also an opportunity to create linkages with the village and ethnic communities, an opportunity to show strength and consensus in thinking and perception of indigenous people, to reflect their feelings, aspirations, and responses. meet the needs of exchange, entertainment and enjoyment of the community.

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Phai Lua festival

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