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Stt viết cho tuổi 21 giữa lưng chừng cuộc sống, lưng chừng cô đơn

Stt written for the age of 21, Write for the first steps of independence, write for growing ambitions, write for love stories that begin to mature and blossom. At the age of 21, there are less and less impulsive and impulsive thoughts, instead of more correct and multidimensional thoughts and perceptions about all aspects of life.

21 years old but not mature enough to be able to fulfill ambitions independently. At this age is the time for us to improve our awareness and have a more comprehensive view of life and ourselves. Stts written for the 21-year-old will help you say that.

Stts written for the 21-year-old toddler

21 is the age of toddlers, halfway. When things are not stable yet, have no job, are dependent on parents. Or simply a love that does not know the future. That is when people are most helpless. Let’s read the articles written for the 21-year-old full of toddlers below!

Stt written for the 21-year-old in the middle of life, in the middle of loneliness

Articles written for the age of 21 part 1

1. At the age of 21, I learned to love more, the boy who smiles often also knows how to be more quiet in times of need, more thoughtful and learns to love himself more, love his family more.

2. At the age of 21, when many friends are worried about their future jobs, about the upcoming days of uneducated + unemployed, I am still innocent, still diving into the things I like but other people do. I just saw it and missed it. Simply because I don’t want to waste 3 years of college, I want to learn what I love, do what I want to do and create something with my name on it. 21 years old, I aspire to reach my dreams!

3. Age 21, time for childish and impulsive thoughts. Seeing the ups and downs of marriages, seeing the confusion of responsibilities, and starting to think more about life.

4. Age 21, is the beginning for those who are in love and about to love, the ephemeral butterflies. Come and go, fate will.

5. 21 years old is not old, there is a wide sky and many people waiting for us to love. 21 year olds think differently, and love themselves more!

6. At the age of 21, not everything made me cry. Not everything makes me hurt, fall, no longer fall because of a little failure. At the age of 21, we learned to be patient, knowing what to say and what not to say.

7. At the age of 21, when I sit back and think about many things, I sometimes laugh when I see why I am so young and young and realize that we can’t go back, can’t go back to that innocent time.

8. Age 21 – the age that reminds me that my life has turned a new page full of thorns and challenges waiting for us to experience.

9. At the age of 21, we have to thank our parents for giving birth to us, raising us to be human, for taking care and loving us unconditionally, but we still haven’t had a chance to repay. The age of 21 is when we realize how important our parents are to us.

10. Age 21 – promise yourself that you will learn to love more, think more and learn to love yourself more, love your family more.

Because it is a toddler age, there are many things to take care of. From your future to taking care of yourself. At that middle age, everything seemed to be falling apart. The articles written for the 21-year-old below will help those who have been, will be and are turning 21 to understand through the moods of this age.

Let’s read the articles written for the 21-year-old below!

Stt written for the 21-year-old in the middle of life, in the middle of loneliness

Articles written for the age of 21 part 2

11. Age 21 – it’s time to worry about the future job, worry about the upcoming days of entering the path of uneducated + unemployed.

12. At the age of 2, I will strongly walk on the chosen path, even though I know there are many obstacles, but I will still walk because my parents and everyone have hope in me. Just believe “I can do it!”

13. If you’re 21 years old and still can’t earn a dime to take care of yourself, learn how to use your parents’ money thriftily.

14. At the age of 21, we realize that there will be difficult times that hit us at the same time and everyone around us has a lot of their problems. So you only have 1 way to manage your own problems. Do not blame or resent the people around you at that time. Learn to accept this because it will go on for a long time.

15. At the age of 21, I discovered that there are still a lot of good people aroundLife is more lovely than we think.

16. At the age of 21, we realize the importance of relationships (friends, colleagues, family). At the age of 21, I realized that there are many relationships that I have to keep very carefully, and some have to end.

17. At the age of 21, difficulties always arise, the important thing is your attitude towards them. Choose to smile and be strong instead of giving up and avoiding.

18. At 21 years old, learning is very important. So study hard. Learning here includes learning in books, learning in life.

19. At the age of 21, we realize that each person has a separate point of view, a way of thinking and a way of living. Don’t judge others. Simply, if you can’t accept it, just ignore it.

20. 21 years old, a turbulent age, a rough age in everything: Career has not started, love is unfinished and doesn’t want to start again. The age is not strong to face the storms of life…

Stt written for the 21-year-old in the middle of life, in the middle of loneliness

Articles written for the age of 21 part 3

21. At the age of 21, knowing everything but still crashing, not because of stubbornness but because I want to make a mistake at least once in my life. No regrets, will smile. There is crying, you know it will pass.

22. At the age of 21, we realize that we are still very small. No degrees, no relationships, no money, no support, it all comes from a single, unbroken heart.

23. At the age of 21, we diligently pursue the journey of self-affirmation, work hard early in the evening and keep hoping that everything will be okay if we sincerely try to do it and look forward to it. into a bright future. Over time, we gradually become more experienced but also more calloused. Then there is a time when we don’t feel like we’re alive, it’s all simply because we live-not-with-with-our heart, but live through the eyes of others.

24. At the age of 21, we realize that we don’t have to do what we’re passionate about to be successful. Most importantly, what is the definition of “success” in us? Because doing what you love is an initial success, but having the courage to follow your desire is another.

25. At the age of 21, after years of hurried dating, I suddenly realized that my heart doesn’t love anyone but myself. Seeing someone with a good-looking appearance, we match. Seeing someone with a unique talent, we are easily overwhelmed. Seeing someone understanding, we thought love was about to come. Passing through life so many people, we know that we will not go anywhere but still choose them.

26. At the age of 21, I was really surprised with what I went through. It’s so scary to reach the 21-year-old milestone, but then no matter how scary it is, it’s over. Suddenly at this beautiful age, I don’t want to give my best like the way people always talk about youth. No frenzy, no excitement, no riot… it’s hard to understand all the daily problems, it’s hard to understand people’s hearts.

27. 21 years old, have nothing to lose, so just do what you want, happy is happy, sad is sad. All will pass. Just like the age of 21, it will pass.

28. At the age of 21, we send back a little extravagance in our youth, send back our childhood mischief, we will be more mature in our thoughts and actions because we have grown up.

29. At the age of 21, we will no longer let our souls roam around the streets, will not go to pick up each petal of the milk flower that has fallen after the summer and then bewilderedly wonder, “Is the milk flower still sweet in the quiet street, is there a milk flower in the street? How could you forget me?” We will dream less about something far away, unreal. We will have to be much more realistic because we know this life is really impossible to be as romantic as in romance novels, much less can’t live forever in the arrangement of fate. I’ve wound up, I’m going to change my destiny, my life with all I’ve got, I believe I can.

30. At the age of 21, we won’t hold onto the nostalgia of someone so that at night, our tears will wet our pillow, and we will write all our pain or sorrow in the sand so that the waves can wash away and then we start a new day when listen to the birdsong in early summer with all faith love life.

Stt written for the 21-year-old in the middle of life, in the middle of loneliness

Articles written for the age of 21 part 4

31. At the age of 21, we will work hard on the keys for more sacred and mellow music. The music we wrote for our loved ones is finished, only the guitar accompaniment is left to us. I will practice hard because I want my loved ones to be surprised and happy when I play the song I dedicated to them so they know how much I love them.

32. At the age of 21, we will generously give love because we know that if we give love, we will also receive it in one way or another, and because we also know how many people around us are less fortunate than us, We will love them and help them because our mother taught us “to live in the world requires a heart”.

33. At the age of 21, we will still have to have enough merit – tolerance – language – happiness. Although we are people of the 21st century, what is culture, is tradition we cannot forget because it is a baggage in our journey. I will be like her, like my mother, a woman who is good at domestic chores.

34. At the age of 21, we will spend more time with our family because family is the most important to us. I’m sad, I can cry, but I can’t let my mother’s eyes be sad, can’t let my father’s hair turn gray because I’m worried about me.

35. We send back the age of 20 with many unfinished plans and dreams, 21 then we will strongly walk on the chosen path despite knowing many obstacles, but we still walk with youthful enthusiasm, with longing and burning passion. A new beginning is waiting for me, everyone is hoping for me, I will try my best to not let anyone down.

36. At the age of 21, which is considered the most beautiful age, children begin to step on the threshold of life full of surprises and challenges. Also have to deal with family, work, study, love, friendship. But anyway, cherish it, cherish it, because once it’s gone, we can’t get it back.

37. At the age of 21, we can go to many places, meet a lot of people, to have a little something called life experience. Then when we re-experience it, we realize that this life has so many colors and aftertaste, it’s different from what’s on the computer screen.

38. At this age very sensitive. Just a falling leaf makes me wonder. Just a little thing that has nothing to do with me can make my child sad and dumbfounded. Just one little thing, start to feel like the whole world is against you. Just a line in the movie or a sentence in the story makes the eyes suddenly sting. Sometimes, just because of someone else’s sentence, it makes me toss and turn and not be able to sleep. All that – is the joy of the age of 21.

39. People often remember the age of 18 dreaming about life, the turning point of adulthood at the age of 19 or the crises of the age of 20, but little remember the age of 21. Also because it missed the size, so I missed it in time to remember. Yet that rapid 21-year-old leaves us with many uncertainties, worries and constant stumbling blocks…

40. The age of 21 is the age when thinking is not yet fully mature, but it is no longer a child’s. If there is a yardstick to know where you are, at what point, 21 is in the middle – halfway between youth, halfway through loneliness, halfway through sadness and even halfway through your thoughts. .

Here are the stt written for the age of 21 In the middle of life, the age when we can see the uncertainty and difficulties appear so that we can experience the immature flavor of life of a new beginning. At the age of 21, we feel that we are so inadequate that we have to try and experience a lot of things. 21 is not old but the right age to start unfinished dreams and plans in us.

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