Tham gia My Vinpearl My Moment nhận ngay KỲ NGHỈ 5 SAO

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My Vinpearl My Moment Contest

Competition My Vinpearl My Moment – A moment with Vinpearl organized by Vinpearl – the leading tourism and entertainment brand in Vietnam. With simple participation rules, just send photos and clips of experiences at Vinpearl destinations, visitors will have the opportunity to receive hundreds of super attractive prizes.

My Vinpearl My Moment contest and its hidden meaning

In the new context, the contest “My Vinpearl My Moment – A whole moment with Vinpearl” was held in response to the tourism trend. The contest also has the meaning of spreading inspiration to discover the beauty of the homeland and the country when Vietnam is in the stage of restarting the “smokeless industry”. Thereby contributing to attracting domestic tourists and ready to open vaccine passport welcome international visitors.

Not only that, the Full Moment with Vinpearl contest is also an opportunity for visitors to share memorable memories and interesting experiences at famous destinations. The attractive prize of the contest helps visitors continue to rekindle their passion for travel through the journey to discover the S-shaped strip of land.

My Vinpearl My Moment Contest

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Theme and content of the contest “Full moment with Vinpearl”

Summary of offers

The main theme of the contest is memorable moments at Vinpearl with an extremely diverse range of content. Participating works can be pictures of memorable trips, interesting experiences or romantic dinners by the beach, the clear smiles of little angels when exploring the wild world. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc or get lost in the ocean at the aquarium VinWonders Nha Trang

>>> Reference: Tourism Phu Quoc United Center: A strange new island is waiting for visitors.

Rules for participating in the Vinpearl contest

Summary of offers

To participate in the contest, visitors only need to upload an image or short clip of less than 1 minute in length Official portal of the contest Include a story description up to 1000 characters. Eligible entries will be approved by the organizers (BTC) and posted on Vinpearl fanpage before December 7, 2021 for interaction and sharing. Each visitor is entitled to participate in the Full Moment contest with Vinpearl with an unlimited number of entries.

The category of attractive prizes

Summary of offers

My Vinpearl My Moment Contest There are 3 award categories including:

  • Favorite Explanation: Calculated according to the number of post interactions on Vinpearl fanpage.
  • Inspiration & Innovation Award: Professional assessment from the jury (BGK) – people with a special love for domestic tourism such as: Director Nguyen Viet Tu, singer Minh Hang, photographer Quy Coc Tu (Ngo Tran Hai An) …

The contest is expected to select beautiful images capable of inspiring to blow a new, youthful and enthusiastic wind to travel enthusiasts and families with passion for travel. Responding to that expectation is a prize with an attractive value:

  • Three first prizes in three categories: First prize is three 5-star vacation 3N2N package at the luxurious and classy resort of Vinpearl. Highest value up to 24,080,000 VND.
  • 06 second prizes: For the second prize is 01 Pearl VIP membership card value 5,000,000 VND. This powerful card includes 2 free nights at Vinpearl system, special privileges of 50% on culinary and golf services and 30% on Spa services for 1 year of use.
  • 09 third prizes: The third prize is 01 stay Stay Cat 2N1RED experience at an inner-city hotel or a luxury apartment hotel of Vinpearl in a vibrant urban center.

Besides, 150 entries The first to meet the criteria of BTC will be awarded a prize of 150 food vouchers applied at all Vinpearl facilities. 01 green-fee voucher/each Prizes will be awarded to 5 impressive golf photos.

Located in famous tourist attractions in 17 provinces and cities, Vinpearl owns a system of 45 hotels, resorts, spas, food centers, conferences, 5-star golf courses and amusement parks. , entertainment of international standards.

In particular, at the 3 largest-scale populations Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, South Hoi An, facilities are set up in a perfectly closed model “one stop destination – one stop destination”. All are always ready to bring visitors the journey Safe travel to Vietnam, completely right in the area with a world-class experience chain.

Through the My Vinpearl My Moment contest, Vinpearl wishes to restart the love that is always present in every person, every home for domestic tourism. This is an opportunity for visitors to spread their passion for discovery and win valuable prizes with their dream vacation at Vinpearl.

>>> Find out the details of the contest rules “My Vinpearl My Moment – All moments with Vinpearl” HERE and JOIN NOW, friends!

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