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Thiết kế sân vườn tiểu cảnh cho biệt thự 1 tầng mái thái

Chào mừng bạn đến với website Bảng Giá Online,Hôm nay chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu bạn đến bài viết  Thiết kế sân vườn tiểu cảnh cho biệt thự 1 tầng mái thái Hãy cùng banggiaonline.com tìm hiểu bài viết Thiết kế sân vườn tiểu cảnh cho biệt thự 1 tầng mái thái này nhé!

If you are looking for inspiration tolandscape garden design for villa Don’t miss today’s post. By Kien Tao Viet will introduce to readers a small landscape garden design for a beautiful 1-storey Thai roof villa. This is the perfect combination of architecture and green landscape. Bringing a high-class luxury living space; Combining lively and close garden gardens. We invite you to read!

Small landscape garden design ideas for villas

Panoramic garden design model for the villa

Garden design is becoming an indispensable trend for families; It is the perfect way to make your living space more wonderful. The green labyrinths of trees; winding roads or miniatures are arranged to create accents for the garden; All blend together to make your home more attractive.

Small landscape garden design for 1-storey villa with Thai roof 1
Small landscape garden design for 1-storey villa with Thai roof 1

Overall campus with an area of ​​more than 100m2; is a combination of architecture and Small garden landscape. With the topic that the owner posed is: Architects must design a relaxing place full of green nature; Bring the countryside with fish ponds and livestock areas. That’s why, right from the beginning, the architect had an idea to arrange the layout so that it was reasonable; ensure the harmony and meet the needs of the landlord.

Spaces in the garden

Design a car garage under the flower trellis
Design a car garage under the flower trellis

The garage area is designed to be open and hidden under the flower trellis on the roof; Helps to shade the sun as well as create aesthetics, cover the rough part of the iron frame. The hut is arranged near the lake with a wide view; create a poetic scene in the model garden design this miniature.

A small landscaped area in Vietnamese village style
A small landscaped area in Vietnamese village style

The unique highlight of this garden is the details of Vietnamese village style that make the garden lively and attractive to viewers.

Tea table in the yard
Tea table in the yard

Small landscape garden design becomes more vivid by the ingenious combination of architects in the selection of tree species; keep the garden colorful all year round.

The courtyard has a swing design to enjoy the scenery
The courtyard has a swing design to enjoy the scenery

The path around the garden is meticulously designed; connect regions together. At the same time, it makes the viewer feel like they are lost in the heart of a poetic space surrounded by trees and flowers. The harmonious and uniform combination of each material brings a unified and harmonious color to the whole garden.

The yard seen from above
The yard seen from above

Not only plants, flowers, but designs 1 storey garden house villa This also has a small lake, surrounded by rocks and shrubs; Flowering trees create a unique lakeside landscape. The corners of the lake are designed with a combination of tree and rock decorations to help create a beautiful and scenic view.

Small lake scene in the villa grounds
Small lake scene in the villa grounds

Kien Tao Viet – A prestigious home design unit in Hanoi

Want one beautiful home design, perfect, then you should seek the advice of a professional design unit. After receiving your request as well as your wishes. The construction unit will survey and offer the most optimal design plan for you. Moreover, design documents are always guaranteed to meet the requirements of construction architecture.

At Viet Construction, we are confident:

– Being the leading design unit in the country

– The team of architects are well-trained and thorough

– Always help customers optimize costs during construction

– Ensure the completion of the project in accordance with what was committed

– We always keep up with trends to help your home always be the most perfect

– Ready to answer questions of customers 24/7

Recently, the designs of Vietnam Construction about sample landscape garden design for villa. This is a project done by our professional team of architects. If you also want to own such a wonderful living space. Please contact us using the information below for a free consultation. It is our pleasure to serve you, dear customers!

Lead architect: Nguyen Quoc Tuan

Facebook: #Congtykientaoviet – Email: kientaoviet.jsc@gmail.com


Address: Unit 11 Royal SME residential area, To Hieu, Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Contact the hotline now: 0903221369 / 0981221369

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