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Da Nang weather

Are you wondering? Da Nang tourism in which month to have memorable experiences in this beautiful coastal city? Join Vinpearl to learn about Danang climate 4 seasons of the year to have an ideal Danang travel plan!

What is the climate like in Da Nang? What is the best season to travel to Da Nang?? Da Nang has a tropical climate, hot and humid all year round. This place has 2 distinct seasons in the year are the dry season and the rainy season. In particular, the rainy season in Da Nang usually lasts from August to December, with occasional rains. The dry season in Da Nang lasts from January to July, the weather is quite hot, suitable for fun activities, swimming.

Da Nang weather

The temperature in Da Nang is quite pleasant, the average temperature is about 26°C. The lowest temperature usually falls around December (winter in Da Nang) with a temperature of about 18 – 23°C. The highest temperature is usually in June – July (summer) with a temperature of about 28 – 30°C. It can be seen that the climate in Da Nang is very “gentle”, suitable for tourism development in all four seasons of the year.

Da Nang is a bustling tourist city, offering visitors many interesting experiences, so you can come here at any time of the year. The weather in Da Nang each season has its own beauty. So, depending on your interests and purposes, you can choose the appropriate travel time.

2.1. Discover fresh Da Nang when spring comes

If you want to visit Da Nang city in the spring (around February, March, April), you will not be disappointed because the weather here is too beautiful for a sightseeing trip at the beginning of the year. Weather in Da Nang city has a temperature of about 23 – 28°C, little rain, light sunshine. This is the time when the flowers bloom so that you can have the photos to check in Da Nang for a lifetime.

Da Nang weather

Traveling to Da Nang in February – March, you can visit famous places such as: Linh Ung Pagoda, Non Nuoc Pagoda Da Nang, Quan Am pagoda, Hoi An tourism,… And if you go Da Nang tourism in April, you should set foot in 7 Danang beaches (My Khe beach, Non Nuoc beach,…) to capture the best pictures.

2.2. Da Nang tourism is bustling in the summer

The peak tourist season in Da Nang is the summer months (May, June, July, August). This time, Danang weather Not too hot, the highest temperature around noon, shady afternoon, very suitable for swimming. In particular, in the summer in Da Nang, there is very little rain, the weather is pleasant, and the sun is not hot, helping you comfortably enjoy fun activities on the beach.

Da Nang weather

To go Danang tourism in June, 7, 8 have countless destinations for you to have the most memorable vacation. They are: Having fun, swimming at Rang Beach Da Nang, Nam O reef, My Khe beach,… or join multiple Danang festival interesting.

2.3. Cheap resort in Da Nang in the autumn time

Da Nang’s climate in autumn is beautiful? Many tourists choose to visit Da Nang in the fall (September, October, November) because of the beautiful weather, convenient for sightseeing and relaxation. In the autumn, Da Nang only has gentle rains, which quickly dissipate; The temperature is pleasant, suitable for those who want to have a peaceful and romantic journey.

Da Nang weather

Came to Da Nang in the fall, especially during the trip Danang tourism in October, you must visit Son Tra Peninsula. The weather in Son Tra, Da Nang in autumn is very cool, the trees enter the season of changing leaves, as beautiful as the Korean autumn picture. Also, at night, don’t forget to put on an extra shirt, put on a warm towel and go for a walk Han River Bridge, go up Love bridge, see Dragon Bridge spit fire,… These are Danang tourist destination super romantic that you can’t miss when coming to Da Thanh.

2.4. Winter – travel, explore Danang culture

Does Danang have winter? Yes of course. However, the winter in Da Nang has a temperature that is not too harsh like the North but only fluctuates at 20°C, which is very comfortable. Da Nang in winter is somewhat quieter because there are not many visitors like in summer and autumn. This is the season for the cheapest airfares and the most promotional hotels. Therefore, you should take advantage of this time to visit Da Thanh if “bored” of the hustle and bustle.

Da Nang weather

Follow Danang travel experience of many travel enthusiasts, in winter, you can visit the colorful flora and fauna in Ba Na Hills, hunt for clouds in Son Tra peninsula, hunt for clouds in the mountains. Hai Van Pass; taste the dishes Danang specialties “warm” like Bridge of Mong’s body, Da Nang Luc Lau,…

When traveling to Da Nang, you should pay attention to:

  • Update Da Nang weather forecast, limit visit here during stormy time;
  • When traveling in the rainy season, you need to bring umbrellas, raincoats, hats,… and waterproof bags for valuable items such as phones, cameras,…;
  • You should bring medicines such as flu, cough, fever reducer, headache,… to avoid getting sick when it rains;
  • If you plan to travel to Da Nang in the rainy season, you should book tickets, book a room at the beginning and the end of the season, it will be less rainy;
  • At the beginning of the year, when visiting temples, you should find out before the day of the festival, dress politely, discreetly, not make noise;
  • When traveling in peak summer, you should bring full sunscreen, hat, long-sleeved shirt, … and book room + air ticket early.

Da Nang weather

Booking accommodation and flight tickets early before traveling to Da Nang will help you choose a nice room, nice seat and enjoy many price incentives. In particular, visitors should give priority to choosing places to stay with good services, many utilities, convenient locations for exploring Da Thanh, … Meeting the above criteria is the Vinpearl hotel and resort system in Da Nang.

Da Nang weather

>> Let’s “look” through the hotels/resorts of Vinpearl Da Nang chosen by many tourists and discover a series of vouchers, combos, Da Nang tours so as not to miss the most attractive promotions!

Bringing in a modern beauty but without the hustle and bustle, Da Nang is always a tourist destination that is especially loved by domestic and foreign tourists. Can see 4 seasons Danang weather are convenient for tourism activities, so you can base on the needs and interests of your family to choose the right time to visit!

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