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Ha Tinh weather

To have a trip Ha Tinh tourism In the end, you need to find out what the weather in Ha Tinh is like. From there, you will easily fully prepare as well as schedule a reasonable discovery, in accordance with your interests and entertainment needs.

1. What’s HOT in Ha Tinh tourism?

Ha Tinh is 340 km south of Hanoi, bordering the sea to the east, and the legendary Truong Son mountain range to the west. Every year, Ha Tinh attracts a large number of tourists because of its beautiful natural landscape and many ecological zones, historical sites, attractions, etc.

Ha Tinh weather

Some Ha Tinh tourist destination The most popular ones are:

  • Huong Tich PagodaThis is the most famous spiritual tourist destination in Ha Tinh. The pagoda was built during the Tran Dynasty, featuring bold Asian architecture, moss-covered tile roofs and time-colored walls.
  • Ke Go LakeNot only is the largest artificial freshwater lake in Ha Tinh province, Ke Go lake is also a scenic place with lyrical, clear and poetic natural scenery.
  • Hong Linh MountainTourists visiting Hong Linh mountain will admire the beautiful natural scenery and listen to unique fairy tales and traditions such as the story of Ong Dung or Mr.

Besides the famous destinations, Ha Tinh specialties It also captivates visitors, making it hard for anyone who has enjoyed it to forget it. The dishes are full of cultural characteristics of the region such as: cude candy, sweet cake, smooth ram cake, opaque fish salad, jumping squid… Therefore, do not forget to enjoy these unique dishes as well as buy them back. as gifts for relatives and friends when visiting Ha Tinh for tourism.

Ha Tinh weather

2. General climate of Ha Tinh province

Ha Tinh is located in the North Central region, so it is greatly influenced by the transitional climate of the Northern and Southern climate zones. This also explains the climate characteristics of Ha Tinh which is divided into 2 distinct seasons rain season and dry season.

Ha Tinh weather

The rainy season lasts from November to March next year. This period will have a lot of rain, the average rainfall is from 2,500mm to 3,000mm, accounting for 75% of the total rainfall of the whole year and the temperature can drop below 5 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, The dry season will last from April to October. Ha Tinh weather At this time, it is quite dry and hot, with the southwest wind, also known as the Lao wind, and little rain. The average temperature ranges from 24 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius, the highest can be up to 38 degrees Celsius.

Ha Tinh weather

In summary, the climate of Ha Tinh in general and the climate of Ha Tinh city in particular is divided into 2 distinct seasons and has different characteristics. Depending on your travel needs and personal preferences, you should consult the weather forecast in Ha Tinh in advance to schedule a suitable visit.

3. Ha Tinh weather which season is beautiful to travel?

In fact, the above question is difficult to answer because in any season of the year, Ha Tinh also has its own beauty and interesting experiences.

If you like to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the festival, If you want to experience spiritual cultural tourism, you should go to Ha Tinh around November to March every year. At this time, Ha Tinh’s climate is cold, but relatively dry, suitable for going to pagodas. Some festivals in Ha Tinh such as: Tam Lang festival (January 5, 6, lunar calendar), temple festival, etc Che Thang Lady (February 12 of lunar calendar), Huong Tich pagoda festival (February 18 of lunar calendar)…

Ha Tinh weather

On the contrary, if you like to go If you travel to the sea, you can come to Ha Tinh from April to October of the year. This is a time of less rain and storms, sunny and suitable for relaxation, swimming, and outdoor play.

In addition, Ha Tinh weather at the time of season change such as March, April or September, October is very beautiful, not too hot or too cold, so it is suitable for long vacations. You can arrange your schedule to explore the places Ha Tinh tourism The most famous and beautiful.

In Ha Tinh, accommodation options are also very diverse, from homestays, motels to 1-5 star hotels or luxury resorts. For a complete trip to Ha Tinh, you should choose a suitable place to stay, with a convenient location, professional services, and a variety of facilities to facilitate relaxation and sightseeing.

Ha Tinh weather

Currently, the top rated hotel/resort system in Ha Tinh is Vinpearl Hotel Ha Tinh and Vinpearl Discovery Ha Tinh. Whether the weather in Ha Tinh is in the rainy season or the dry season, this place will definitely be an ideal stopover, meeting all the resort needs of visitors.

Ha Tinh weather

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Every season, Ha Tinh weather It has unique features but brings a new and unique experience to visitors. Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have more information about Ha Tinh’s climate and easily choose the most suitable travel time. Wish you have a perfect vacation and many memorable memories!

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