Thời tiết Lạng Sơn và kinh nghiệm du lịch mới nhất 2022

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Lang Son weather

Before Lang Son tourism, you need to learn about Lang Son weatherLang Son climate. This will help you prepare your belongings and have a reasonable travel schedule. Depending on your interests and needs, you can come and experience this dreamy border land at the time that best suits you.

1. Where is Lang Son?

Lang Son is a mountainous province located in the northeast of Vietnam. This place is about 154km from Hanoi. In Lang Son, there is an international railway, so it is very convenient for cultural – economic – science – technology exchanges…

Geographical location of Lang Son:

  • The North borders with Cao Bang province
  • Northeast borders with China
  • The South borders with Bac Giang province
  • The Southeast borders with Quang Ninh province
  • The southwest borders with Thai Nguyen province
  • The West borders Bac Kan province

Lang Son weather

Lang Son terrain:

  • The terrain is mainly hills and low mountains
  • Diverse terrain with valleys, rivers, lakes, sediments, plains, mountains, hills…

With rich terrain, Lang Son possesses many beautiful landscapes. Lang Son tourist destination are extremely attractive coordinates for enthusiasts of travel.

Lang Son weather

2. What are the climate characteristics of Lang Son like?

Lang Son province belongs to which climate zone? The climate in Lang Son is a tropical monsoon climate – typical climate of Northern Vietnam with 4 springs – summer – autumn – winter.. The average temperature is about 17-22 degrees Celsius, the coldest month can be below 0 degrees Celsius. The average humidity in Lang Son is quite low, ranging from 80-85%.

This land is located at the gateway to welcome the monsoon in winter, so sometimes in winter, the weather is quite cold, there may be snow. This place is a land with little rain, so you do not need to worry about sudden rains when traveling to Lang Son.

Lang Son weather

Each season, Lang Son brings its own beauty, so you can comfortably travel all year round:

Lang Son weather

3. What should be noted about Lang Son weather when traveling?

To prepare for a convenient Lang Son discovery trip, you should:

  • Regularly monitor Lang Son weather forecast to ensure the most favorable trip for you;
  • Update Lang Son weather accurately to prepare coats, hats and other sun and rain protection items;
  • Schedule travel destinations in advance so as not to miss attractive destinations;
  • If you go to attractions that are temples and pagodas, it is best to wear modest clothes.

Lang Son weather

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Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son owns a high-class resort space with comfortable rooms, exquisite furniture. Here, you will enjoy many services and facilities of international 5-star standards and pamper yourself with a high-class spa.

Lang Son weather

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Lang Son weather Every season has its own character and beauty. Remember to preview the weather forecast in advance, choose a time that suits your individual needs, and note the Lang Son climate in each season will help you get a reasonable Lang Son travel schedule. Let’s pocket all the experience and carry the backpack to conquer this dreamy land right now!

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