Thời tiết Quảng Ninh du lịch mùa nào LÝ TƯỞNG NHẤT?

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Quang Ninh weather

Quang Ninh Tourism It is an extremely attractive journey with many domestic and foreign tourists. Learn about Quang Ninh weather Knowing in advance the specific characteristics of the climate here will help you choose the right time to travel and have the most reasonable schedule to visit the mines.

1. Learn about Quang Ninh’s climate

Quang Ninh is a land with a tropical climate. It is also characterized by an oceanic climate and is influenced by the Southeast Asian monsoon circulation.

Quang Ninh has four distinct seasons, with a lot of rain in summer, hot and humid; winter with little rain, cold and 2 seasons, spring – autumn. The average temperature of the year is about 21 degrees Celsius. The rainfall here is quite abundant, the rainy season lasts from May to October.

Quang Ninh weather

2. What is the most ideal season to travel to Quang Ninh?

Quang Ninh weather has its own characteristics of coastal mountainous provinces. Every season, this place has a different beauty for tourists to visit and explore.

2.1. Traveling to Quang Ninh in the summer

Summer is a great time for you to visit the beaches in Quang Ninh. The weather in Quang Ninh at this time is quite cool. Light sunshine, clear blue sky and countless unique cultural activities such as Yen Tu festival, summer music, Ha Long tourism week… will surely make you fall in love with your way home.

Quang Ninh weather

At this time, you can visit the poetic seas like Ancient Tea, Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long Bay… However, in the summer months, Quang Ninh sometimes still has heavy rain, you should follow Ha Long weather forecast, forecast Quang Ninh weather regularly.

Quang Ninh weather

2.2. Traveling to Quang Ninh in winter

Winter in Quang Ninh is quite cold, it is cloudy, there may be drizzle. This is a great time for you to experience outdoor activities without worrying about the heat. The pleasant weather is suitable for you to visit and sightsee at famous spiritual tourist sites such as Ba Vang Pagoda, Yen Tu PagodaCai Bau Pagoda, Cua Ong Temple, Pair Tien Temple…

Quang Ninh weather

In particular, if you want to admire a mysterious Ha Long Bay engulfed in light mist and majestic limestone mountains, you should come to Quang Ninh in winter. In the cold weather, it’s great to be immersed in a hot tub, relax your body and look at the vast sea and sky, isn’t it?

3. Notes about Quang Ninh weather when traveling

Whatever the weather in Ha Long or in Quang Ninh, you still need:

  • Find out in advance about Ha Long climate, Quang Ninh climate
  • Monitor and update the forecast of Ha Long weather, the weather in Quang Ninh continuously
  • Prepare sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat to protect skin
  • If you travel in the rainy season, you need to bring an umbrella or a raincoat

Quang Ninh weather

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Quang Ninh weather

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Quang Ninh weather Every season has its own beauty and charm. Depending on your needs and interests, you can choose the right time to visit this beautiful land. Find out in advance and plan a detailed itinerary for a smooth trip. What are you waiting for, don’t pack your backpack and visit this wonder land right now!

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