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Thực hư tác hại của máy rửa bát đến sức khỏe người dùng như nào?

Dishwasher is a useful device for housewives, especially restaurants and eateries. However, many people still have doubts about the safety and harmful effects of dishwashers with health. So does the dishwasher really affect the user’s health? Please refer to this article to decide whether to buy a dishwasher!

What are the disadvantages of dishwashers to health?

Although it is a modern product for the kitchen, some harmful effects of dishwashers cannot be ignored because it directly affects the health of the user.

harmful effects of dishwashers

Occurrence of mold and bacteria

According to professor of microbiology Nina Gunde Cimerman of the University of Ljubljana, mold often appears in dishwashers because the environment inside the machine is often humid, hot and has a high concentration of salt plus food stagnates. with strong detergents. This is a favorable condition for fungi to grow in corners and edges without your knowledge.

Some types of mold that often appear in dishwashers include: Cryptococcus, Candid, Rhodotorula, … and some other bacteria. Although their presence does not seriously affect human health and the risk of serious illness is also very low, but people with weak immune systems are very susceptible to diseases when affected by them.

Use a lot of additives

As a device that requires high requirements to be effective when operating, users also need to buy some additional additives such as salt to soften the water to avoid deposits and water. Specialized cleaners….

Not all machines will completely wash off these chemicals, which in the long run will negatively affect your health.

In addition to the disadvantages that directly affect people, dishwashers also have some points that make users unsatisfied such as:

  • As a product with many outstanding advantages, but the amount of money spent to own a machine is not small, especially for families with a lot of dishes, pots and pans that need a larger size machine.
  • Often this modern machine comes from abroad and not everyone can read and understand the manual. This is a point that causes many users quite a headache, especially when buying an old machine, it also takes more time to learn how to use it.
  • Specialized cleaning products are not as widely available as regular dishwashing liquid, so finding a purchase address is quite difficult.
  • Most dishwashers in the mid-range segment are quite bulky and take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The compact machines have a high price, making many people confused when deciding to buy it home.

How to fix the disadvantages of the dishwasher

The harm of dishwashers is not worrisome if you know how to use, clean and maintain. Most of the causes of bacteria and mold growth in the dishwasher compartment stem from the main environment, so you can limit or completely eliminate this disadvantage by destroying the favorable environment. of them.

harmful effects of dishwashers

Regularly clean the machine

Should regularly clean, clean both inside and outside of the machine, when cleaning, pay attention to the area with rubber holes to drain food, although this is a small detail, but if you do not pay attention when cleaning, they This will be a place for mold to grow.

Using a small brush, pour a mixture of warm water, vinegar, baking soda or detergent when cleaning around the spray arm.

In particular, inside the machine, there are some places that our hands will find it difficult to reach and clean, so use a diluted mixture of clean water and specialized soap to handle each internal part in turn. : storage compartment, hidden corners, edges, …

The more meticulously these steps are performed, the more thoroughly the dirt will be destroyed, helping to keep the dishwasher clean, no longer an environment for bacteria and mold to stick.

Remove leftovers from the inside of the dishwasher

Leftover food left in the dishes is very easy to get stuck inside the main machine, so you need to remove all the food before you put the utensils into the machine to prevent bacteria from having the opportunity to grow and cause disease for yourself. and family members.

If there is a case of leftover food in the machine, use lemon juice or vinegar in the soap compartment, then let the machine operate with a short cycle and high temperature. This method will help thoroughly treat grease stains, liquid dirt that are sticking in the machine, and disinfect, remove odors and mold extremely effectively.

The benefits of using a dishwasher

Although the harmful effects of the dishwasher may affect your health, if you know how to clean it, the mold will be completely eliminated. It is undeniable that this is a kitchen product that brings many conveniences to every family.

harmful effects of dishwashers

Kill bacteria in dishes

If you do not regularly clean the machine, it will create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow, but compared to washing dishes by hand, when washing in a dishwasher, bacteria clinging to dishes will be destroyed up to 99. That’s %.

During the washing process, a hot air stream will be generated to make the dishes drier and shinier and at the same time eliminate odors for foods with strong odors such as shrimp paste,… You can rest assured that most models Dishwashing machines on the market today all meet the strictest European standards, so the quality of the cleaning is not in dispute.

Save money for your family every month

Some modern product lines are manufactured according to the A++ energy standard, so the power consumption is very low, helping to save your family monthly costs. In addition, some models are also equipped with many modern features such as: temperature sensors for different dishes, power saving technology, sensor technology to control water consumption depending on the temperature of the dishes. dirty utensils,… These features will help you save maximum electricity and water consumption for daily cleaning of kitchen utensils.

Protect hand skin

Surely many women will be very bored with cleaning dishes and pots after each meal, especially those who have thin skin on their hands and are allergic to detergents. Most of the dishwasher detergents on the market have very strong detergents that are harmful to the skin of the hands, causing the skin to become dry, flaky, etc. When using this cleaning device, the skin of the hands will be absolutely protected.

Save time

With a busy daily workload, taking care of children and washing dishes at least 1-2 times a day, women’s rest time will be greatly shortened. When using the dishwasher, you will have more time to take care of yourself, rest and spend more time with your family.

Above, I have specifically mentioned the harmful effects of dishwashers, how to fix them and cannot fail to mention the benefits that this product brings to our lives. Hopefully with these shares will help you have more experience for longer-term use.

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