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Thủy Tiên là ai? Thủy Tiên đã lên tiếng trước ồn ào của CĐM

Thuy Tien’s move after being mentioned by Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang about charity in the Central region. Let’s find out with Giai Ngo Who is Thuy Tien? And what is outstanding about this girl’s private life as well as her career?

Who is Thuy Tien?

Thuy Tien is a Vietnamese singer, songwriter, model, and film actress. With her strong and clear voice, Thuy Tien has attracted a large number of fans and has become one of the top famous singers in the Vietnamese music industry.

who is the daffodil?

The 9x, 8x generations will not be able to forget songs like: Dream of White Snow, Come Back, Tropical Snow, etc. And standing behind the famous hits at that time was the singer-songwriter. Thuy Tien. She used to be an extremely active name in showbiz and received awards for music and songwriting.

Biography of singer Thuy Tien

When was Thuy Tien born?

Thuy Tien was born in 1985, her real name is Tran Thi Thuy Tien. Thuy Tien was born into a Vietnamese-Chinese family.

Where is Thuy Tien from?

Thuy Tien was born and raised in Kien Giang. She lives and works mainly in Ho Chi Minh City.

who is the daffodil?

How tall is Thuy Tien?

Thuy Tien is 1.67m high. In addition to singing, Thuy Tien is also a model with a hot body.

Thuy Tien’s life

Her father is a huge influence on music for Thuy Tien. But unfortunately, he left too soon. The death of her father made Thuy Tien’s peaceful childhood become full of storms. Only she and her mother relied on each other to continue living the days that come now.

Thuy Tien’s father died when she was 9 years old from tuberculosis. In the pain that could not be filled, Thuy Tien was once again deeply hurt by being turned away by her maternal and paternal relatives.

who is the daffodil?

And then her mother got sick with her stomach, and she was taken to a nanny’s house. She said that the days at the nanny’s house were like living in hell. Every day, she had to do housework like a maid, even if she did wrong, she was beaten up by this nanny. But more than that, she was repeatedly sexually abused by this nanny’s son.

Thuy Tien’s career

Thuy Tien’s musical talent was revealed quite early, when she was less than 10 years old, she was able to compose music herself. Later, the female singer enrolled to study vocal music at the College of Culture and Arts in Ho Chi Minh City. It was also here that she had the chance to meet musician Quoc Bao, who supported her a lot in her first step into entertainment.

In 2005, Thuy Tien started to step into the professional singing path when she released the CD Album “Tales – Untold Stories”. Including two songs “I fell in love in the windy season” and “Love you” by musician Quoc Bao, but this album has not been well received by the audience.

who is the daffodil?

Until 2008, Thuy Tien recorded two soundtrack songs for the movie “Tropical Snow” namely “Tropical Snow” and “White Snow Dream”. These two songs have attracted the attention of the audience, especially as these two songs entered the Top of the domestic charts.

Also in 2008, this female singer won the award “Promising Young Singer” at the Green Wave Awards ceremony. Thuy Tien’s song “White Snow Dream” was voted as one of the five most popular songs at the Golden Mai Award.

In 2009, she appeared in the hit movies “Beautiful every centimeter” and “Happy House”. Her character is only a supporting role but has succeeded in leaving an impression in the eyes of the audience. And that year, she was the winner of the “Favorite Musician” category at the 2009 Green Wave Awards.

In 2010, the album “Happy House” with 9 songs by Thuy Tien had 8 songs that received the “Golden Song” nomination in April. In addition, this female singer also received nominations of many other prestigious awards.

who is the daffodil?

In 2011, Thuy Tien’s album “I forgot” was a great success. The album “I forgot” brought Thuy Tien the award “The most favorite album at the Golden Album Program. Also in 2011, this female singer won the runner-up award in the program “Universal Dancing” of VTV3.

Singer Thuy Tien has surgery right or not?

In 2010, female singer Thuy Tien began to get involved in a plastic surgery scandal. Although she did not admit it, her obvious change made many people skeptical.

Looking back at some of Thuy Tien’s scandals in the past

Thuy Tien’s popularity also comes with notoriety, with many scandals, etc. From a love story with musician Quoc Bao, a fake love case to polish his name with singer Ung Hoang Phuc. Especially the love story with the famous craftsman Cong Vinh once also caused noisy speculations.

Don’t try to justify it because you think that when people don’t like it, you won’t believe it even if you say it. The female singer devotes herself to her work and creates certain successes.

Thuy Tien Cong Vinh’s married life

Among the famous player-artist couples, it is impossible not to mention Thuy Tien – Cong Vinh. They are considered one of the “golden couple” admired by many people.

Thuy Tien – Cong Vinh publicly dated in 2008. 2013, both have a daughter. After 1 year, the couple held a wedding in the blessing of everyone.

who is the daffodil?

More than 10 years since they publicly fell in love and returned to the same house, the couple still maintains a peaceful family life, making many people admire.

For many years now, Cong Vinh – Thuy Tien have been diligent people doing community activities. Regarding his current life, Cong Vinh has retired and switched to training. Thuy Tien is still active in showbiz, although not as exciting as before, her name still occupies a high position in the hearts of fans.

Information Thuy Tien provides relief in the Central region

How much money did Thuy Tien give to the Central region?

Thuy Tien helped the Central region with more than 178 billion VND. With total cash payments certified by local authorities. Thuy Tien has helped 61,532 households, built three bridges for people’s livelihood, 175 new houses, 10 community houses to avoid storms and floods, and 10 rescue boats.

Cong Vinh was worried that his wife’s reputation would be affected because there was no voucher, so the couple decided to pay their own money for the first charity trip of more than 2.6 billion VND. Besides, before the reaction that Thuy Tien was emotional when giving a farmer from Ha Tinh 200 million VND. Two people in Nghe An over 100 million VND to pay their debts and voluntarily gave away some extremely difficult mothers along the way.

who is the daffodil?

She and her husband decided to spend more than 1 billion VND to make up for this. “Consider giving more as my own money, avoid losing heart when using public money”, Thuy Tien expressed her opinion when doing this.

Singer Thuy Tien’s journey to save Central Vietnam

In the recent “flood center” in the Central region, Thuy Tien has become the focus of the people of the country when standing out to call for support for people in the Central region. Receiving the hearts of benefactors, the female singer temporarily put aside her personal work and quickly appeared in the localities heavily affected by floods.

who is the daffodil?

On October 13, Thuy Tien was present in Hue, contacting points of sale of essentials and medicines so that she could hand them over to her people. On the morning of October 14, Thuy Tien’s gratitude bus departed from Hue, went on Highway 13 to An Lo market, and handed over relief goods to people.

On the journey, the convoy continuously stopped to supply directly at places where people near the road were flooded. On her personal page, Thuy Tien directly updated the image of giving gifts, people lined up quite a lot. After 6 days of giving gifts to relatives, Thuy Tien returned to Saigon to prepare for the second relief wave.

who is the daffodil?

On October 27, Thuy Tien received the companionship and support of her husband Cong Vinh. The second relief plan prioritizes cash gifts to households and localities that are deeply flooded. Right from the day of departure, all gift giving activities are livestreamed live on the network so that people across the country can update all gift delivery journeys of the delegation.

On October 27, Thuy Tien delegation gave cash to Ha Tinh people in Cam Thanh, Cam Vinh, Cam Due communes, etc., people in the watershed flooded 3-4 meters deep. On October 28, Thuy Tien’s delegation came to Quang Binh to give relief money to nearly 1,000 households in Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District and 1,000 Canh Hoa households, Quang Trach District.

On October 29, cash was given to more than 1,600 households in Son Thuy commune and 2,700 people in An Thuy commune, and 1,232 households in Loc Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province.

On October 30, giving to nearly 1,000 households in Hoa Thuy commune, 2,541 households in Lien Thuy commune, 1,401 households in Thanh Thuy commune, 2,147 households in Hong Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province.

On October 31, giving to nearly 1,500 households in 4 communes Hai Lam, Hai Truong, far from Hai Thuong, and Hai Quy commune in Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province.

who is the daffodil?

Before each gift distribution, Thuy Tien publishes public information on the number of households receiving money from the hearts of people nationwide. After the second relief round for people in flooded areas. She also rebuilt houses swept away by floods, built 4-5 storey community houses to avoid floods, supported households with cash loans for farming but were swept away by floods, built bridges and roads, etc.

During the implementation, the people’s kindness of the whole country is transferred to the people in the Central region. Thuy Tien also encountered many complicated problems. Such as the village collecting money from people receiving relief, the wrong case about the relief money distribution in Hai Lang district (Quang Tri), …

However, thanks to the spirit of “mutual love, mutual love”, all cases are handled quickly. The amount of generous donations was hand-delivered to households who were severely damaged after the recent historic flood.

Thuy Tien explains 178 billion in aid in the Central region

In the past few days, many people who do not know the incident have written everywhere. With incorrect information about her transparency, many people have transferred money to the fund.

In the process of doing charity, the female singer always tells her collaborators that whatever she does, she must leave her reputation. Since it can help many people who are suffering, I try not only for myself but also for many other people who are counting on my help.

Thuy Tien Mrs. Phuong Hang let it air

In the past few days, your wife Dung Lo Voi – Ms. Phuong Hang is definitely the most “stormy” character on social networks. Not only causing a stir because of the story that exposed the fraud of Healer Vo Hoang Yen, Phuong Hang was alone on the front line when “challenging” a series of showbiz artists.

Yet there is a character Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang In particular, it is Thuy Tien. Accordingly, when sharing about the female singer, Mr. Dung’s wife “lime kiln” used somewhat softer words and spoke in defense.

It seems that Ms. Phuong Hang was extremely touched by Thuy Tien’s kindness to people in difficulty. However, Mr. Dung’s wife “lime kiln” made people feel confused because she advised others not to curse and rely on the law, but it seems that her actions are a bit contrary to her own words.

True information Thuy Tien has not received charity money from Tran Thanh

Accordingly, on the afternoon of May 26, a newspaper published content that the artist Tran Thanh called for donations to support flood victims in the Central region with 8.3 billion VND. After that, this artist transferred 3 billion VND to MC Dai Nghia and 1 billion VND to singer Ho Ngoc Ha to ask these two people to send to the people in the Central region. The remaining amount of 4.3 billion VND has not been sent to singer Thuy Tien’s account for her to do charity work.

The singer then corrected her statement. Singer Thuy Tien said that she did not say anything to confirm, nor did any team go to the bank to check and have not found the amount of 4.3 billion.

Tran Thanh’s attitude of knowing that he is wrong and hoping that the audience as well as Thuy Tien will sympathize with him is praised by many people because after all. The money donated by the sponsors to help the Central region can still be delivered to the hands and help people in need.

A little bit about singer Thuy Tien’s personal life and career, hopefully, has brought you interesting information and known who Thuy Tien is. For more celebrity news, follow Giai Ngo every day!

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