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Tiết lộ 6 địa điểm ngắm hoa ban Mộc Châu đẹp nhất năm 2021

Chào mừng bạn đến với website Bảng Giá Online,Hôm nay chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu bạn đến bài viết  Tiết lộ 6 địa điểm ngắm hoa ban Mộc Châu đẹp nhất năm 2021 Hãy cùng banggiaonline.com tìm hiểu bài viết Tiết lộ 6 địa điểm ngắm hoa ban Mộc Châu đẹp nhất năm 2021 này nhé!

Come to socksI travel to Moc Chau Tourists are not only impressed with the hospitality of people, but also by nature endowed this place with flower seasons that captivate so many people’s hearts. If plum flowers, peach blossoms, buckwheat flowers have stopped showing off, it will be replaced by the pure beauty of Ban flower. Then right here banggiaonline.com.com will Revealing the 6 most beautiful places to see Ban flowers in Moc Chau plateau that you shouldn’t miss.

About Moc Chau ban flower

Hoa ban is not only considered a typical symbol of the Northwest mountains, but it is also associated with a legendary story about the couple’s love of the Thai ethnic group. Every flower bloom season reminds me of the beautiful love story of a girl named Ban and a boy named Khum. A troubled love story without parental consent.

When the two decided to run away but failed, because she missed the boy so much, when she died, she turned into a tree with white flowers mixed with purple color. Since then, people have named that flower as ban flower. Ban flower has a rustic beauty, humble but also very strong, it symbolizes the faithful heart of a girl for her people. love.

The brilliant beauty of the banyan flowers

In Moc Chau’s blooming season, all the villages and hillsides seem to be wearing a soft and gentle silk shirt. This wonderful scene will help you clear away how much chaos and worries of life, enjoy the peace in the highlands. Even if you only see it once, everyone who goes home must be moved and missed.

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Hwow you USAWhat time does the octopus bloom?

In the scene where the scent of spring is still lingering, the beginning of March is the time Moc Chau ban flower season bloom. The flowers bloom most profusely from mid-March to the end of April, and begin to fade away in May, if you want to admire the beauty only once this year, hurry back to Moc Chau to enjoy the beauty. transform into a beautiful flower girl shining in the middle of the great blue.

The image of Ban flower blooms when in season, beauty is only once a year

Top places to see the most beautiful ban flowers in Moc Chau

Ban flower is a symbol of the Northwest mountains in general and Moc Chau in particular, coming to Moc Chau this season you can easily see the scene of white flowers on the roads and small villages, below is a review. Top 6 places with the most beautiful flowers that you should not miss.

Along the highway 6 going to Son La

Along the National Highway 6, towards Son La, Lai Chau, and Dien Bien, visitors can encounter hills of white flowers blooming all over the hillside creating a poetic scene. Bring back impressive photos.

Visitors can admire the banyan flowers along both sides of the road

New three-way intersection in the center of Moc Chau town

Another place to see the ban flowers that you should not miss when coming to the center of Moc Chau town, you will be surprised with the rows of ban flowers growing close together, making all visitors unable to take their eyes off the beauty. purity is lighting up a corner of the sky.

Charming beauty with rows of flowers

Sub-park area near Son Moc Huong Cave

In addition, you can also go to the park near Son Moc Huong cave to admire the flowering season. The branches of white flowers, mixed with a little purple color gently form a carpet stretching all over the road. Create picturesque scenes.

Pictures of ban flowers at Moc Chau Park

Near the martyrs cemetery of Moc Chau district

In the dim early morning mist, the virtual still shows the pure beauty of the banyan flowers, if you come here early in the morning, you will be able to see firsthand the flowers you compete with each other to create an attractive beauty. attracted to all species, making virtual life enthusiasts feel satisfied with that beauty.

The rustic and humble beauty of the banyan flowers

Near Sao Xanh hotel (the way to Chieng Hoac commune)

The area past the blue star hotel, near Chieng Hoac commune is also a beautiful place to watch the flowers. Located quite far from the center, so it is very fresh and quiet here. Come here in the blooming season you will fully feel the clear rustic beauty of this flower.

Visitors are free to check in and bring back beautiful pictures

Dong Sang Village

Coming to Ang village, you can not only visit many famous tourist attractions such as pine forest, strawberry garden but also gather many banyan trees with different colors. The tree has white, light pink, and purple flowers, here you will be spoiled for virtual living with the most brilliant flower clusters.

Ban flowers grow scattered all over the hillsides in Moc Chau

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Unique culinary culture from Hoa Ban Moc Chau

Coming to Moc Chau in the blooming season of Ban flowers, you can not only admire an extremely charming beauty but also enjoy a lot of new and attractive dishes made from the petals of Ban flowers. Creating a famous cuisine that is only available in the Northwest, making any tourist coming here can not forget its taste.

Banh sticky rice

You must have enjoyed the sticky rice dish of the Thai people a couple of times, but now it becomes more special when the people here have skillfully combined with the available flavors and ingredients to make it. To make my sticky rice more attractive is Hoa Ban sticky rice. This sticky rice dish is only available once a year when the flowers bloom. Sticky sticky rice is fragrant and flexible, adding a little greasy taste of the flowers to make sure you want to eat it forever.

Hoa ban sticky rice, you should try it when you come to Moc Chau

Fish stuffed with flowers

Fish stuffed with flowers Made extremely sophisticated and careful, one has to choose the large, newly bloomed petals, wash them with hot water and then marinate them with spices. With a mild aroma, the cool taste of this fish stuffed with flowers is completely free of any fishy smell. But if you make this dish with fish caught in the stream, it will be the best.

Fish stuffed with flowers ban, rich taste attracts visitors

Flower soup

Not only the flowers but also the young leaves of the ban tree can also be made into many delicious dishes, but you should try the flower ban soup, one can cook sour soup or stew with spring rolls. With healthy properties, many nutrients, this will be a very useful dish for health. If you can enjoy it on a hot day, it will be great.

Hoa ban soup, both strange and very good for health

Ban flowers stir-fried with bitter bamboo shoots

Hoa ban that is stir-fried with bitter bamboo shoots is also a dish that you should try, the feeling of eating is very strange by combining the bitter taste of bamboo shoots with the sweet taste and the gentle scent of the ban flowers. that’s very interesting.

Stir-fried bitter bamboo shoots with famous ban flowers in Moc Chau

Ban flower mannequin with wild vegetables

In every season, the dish of flowers and vegetables with wild vegetables often appears in the rice trays of the people here, with vegetables available in the forest such as cassava, beef sage, hemp, etc., which they pick and wash. Clean and then put it on the pot to cook, then take it out and mix it with ginger, garlic, mac Khen, salt, and chili, it looks very attractive. Visitors to Moc Chau can enjoy this dish, it is really delicious.

Hoa ban dish combined with a lot of wild vegetables is only available in mountainous areas

Means of transportation to admire the Moc Chau banyan flower season

There are many different ways to travel for you to choose from such as motorbike, car, bus, but traveling by motorbike will be the most interesting. You will easily see the banyan forest growing scattered along the way, and you will be more proactive in your time. But if you are not familiar with the passes and slopes, the best way is to go by car or bus for safety. You should refer to the bus company running the route Hanoi – Moc Chau, Son La, Dien Bien, when you arrive in Moc Chau, rent a motorbike to move to the flower viewing spots.

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Notes when coming to Moc Chau to see the ban flowers

Depending on the weather conditions, the ban flowers will bloom earlier or later than usual, so before coming here you should monitor and update the latest weather situation in Moc Chau to choose the most suitable time. affect your schedule.

Moc Chau ban flower season blooms in the middle of the season, so the air is quite humid, it is still cold, you need to prepare a coat, a hat, bring some necessary medicines such as headache medicine, stomach pain medicine, medicine. insecticides.

Before that beautiful natural scenery, remember to bring your camera, phone, power bank to freely live virtual and save the best moments as memories.

When coming to Moc Chau, visitors should not break branches or throw garbage indiscriminately, affecting the surrounding landscape.

Coming to Moc Chau every season is beautiful, but visitors do not miss the opportunity to explore the Moc Chau plateau in the blooming season, it will certainly bring new and interesting experiences, enjoy the dreamy beauty, charm in the mountains and forests of the Northwest. What are you waiting for, make a plan and come to Moc Chau to see the ban flowers right away.

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