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Awesome funny sayings always create laughter, fun for yourself and those around you. Life is the pressure from work, love and a billion other things, sometimes you feel tired, bored with these messy and busy things.

Then take some time to rest for yourself, read funny sayings to relax your mind after stressful and tiring working hours!

I. [Tuyển Tập] funny quotes about love

In life and love, there are always moments that make me slow down and want to stop. But in life, no one is free to give anyone anything, there is no red carpet for you to go smoothly without any twists and turns.

Then why don’t you create your own motivation and laughter with funny quotes about love to try to move forward on the road ahead.

The woman always said: “You guys are all the same when it comes to men”. So why are they comparing between 10cm and 18cm.

My love for you is like the price of gas. Always increasing and not showing any signs of decreasing.

There is nothing more frugal than love at first sight.

In fact, beer is always more toxic than million. Because in the world, there are only “stele tombs” but never “million tombs”.

Whether the love is right or wrong, the wrong person is still the person… not right.

Whether the love is right or wrong, the pregnant person is still a girl.

If that day does not step towards you. Maybe he’s rich by now.

To love is to speak, just as to be hungry is to eat.

Promises are the persuasion tool of a con man with a fool.

Asked his ladder to heaven.
When will I find someone to love?
God he said one thing.
One afternoon in the middle of June it snowed.

Love is a feeling that never changes. You can only change your lover.

Autism is… living the end of the century.

Words of the wind fly, the more you promise to break up, the more miserable.

Learn to lie. To find out who lied to me.

Love each other in the light, fuck each other in the dark.

He is noble, he is cute. Who critizited me not have a lover, I beat broken mouth.

His heart only opened twice. Pick me up and… throw me out.

Friends are life and death together, sickness you bear.

Although not born on the same day, month, same year. But vow to live on the same day, same month, same year.

With you, I feel strangely peaceful. Far away from you, you will see again, but still at peace.

Used to love many people, but never had a lover.

Anger is taking someone else’s fault and slapping yourself in the face.

The end of ignorance is being too kind to many people.

Bad people are many, good people are few.

Teenage girl is an acronym for “girly girl”.

Whose house lights are on. Which guy’s wife is bored.

Money cannot bring happiness. How much money is important to be happy.

A complete woman is: in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

Marriage gives you what other people want and can’t have that is divorce.

Behind a failed man is a wild instigator. Behind the foolish woman is a very powerful third man.

“Rich for you, to as wife”. And cause a lot of debt thanks to the lover.

II. TOP funny sayings about life

Life with so much pressure, hardship, worries sometimes makes us tired. At times like these, let’s relieve stress together funny quotes about life Here, let’s leave the strength to continue to face all the difficulties of life!

1. People wear hats to protect the brain. As for those who have no brain… What does the team do to heat their scalps?

2. Advertisements often say “Breast milk is best for the development of infants and young children”’. Then ended up advertising powdered milk.

3. Life is inherently unfair, so the hairs are never straight.

Life is never equal, so don’t try to straighten the hairs.

4. The way to the university is far, the way to the rice fields is: Ah, here it is…

5. Try to take the university entrance exam, if you don’t succeed, you will become a person,

If it fails, it will succeed.

6. Money is not everything,

Because in this life there are still gold and diamonds.

7. Bad letters are a sign of genius.

8. The innate ability of the neurotic is to inhibit the intelligent.

9. The body is outside the game, the spirit is in the game, if you want to be a great player, you must work at night.

10. Why do I sit and eat alone? Why can’t my half eat rice?

11. I’m not falling, I’m hitting the ground.

12. My wallet has everything you can imagine… except money.

13. I did exactly what the medicine said. That is to take 2 pills when sick and keep out of the hands of children.

14. Every time I see the electricity bill, I suddenly feel a terrible love of darkness.

15. Our people must know our history, if we don’t know something, look up Gu-Go.

16. Beautiful fat, cute slim, tall, noble short.

17. Women are strange creatures that can bleed without being injured.

18. If you want to be rich, raise fish, if you want to be rich, raise pigs, and if you want to be poor, raise… girls.

19. After the rain… it was wet again.

20. Honesty often loses, cheats and sneaks up again

21. People who are good will fear, if they are ignorant, people will love them; if they are bad, people will hate them.

22. Whoever lends money is a fool, whoever pays it back is a fool.

23. For the future of our children, regardless of the future of their children.

24. Living with a bad guy must know how to be welcoming.

25. I hate dogs because they look like you.

26. Comparing you to a dog is an insult to a dog.

27. Tired of studying well, having a headache because of a rich family, depressed because of a lot of money, frustrated because of happiness, annoyed because of polygamy, opposite because of being beautiful, losing sleep because of having no opponent.

28. Beer is more toxic than wine because there is only a tombstone, not a wine grave.

29. A complete woman: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the afternoon, in the dark.

30. Maiden is an abbreviation for young…feminine.

[Chọn Lọc] Funny sayings about the best friendship

Funny sayings about friendship, students There will be many more memorable memories when students go to school with books, but later, no matter where they go, whatever they do, they will smile when they remember them. That’s why people say “The most devil. second ghost. the third is student”.

Many times I want to love, but pride does not speak.

Bad handwriting is the mark of a genius.

Never want something that doesn’t belong to you. But just grab it when it’s yours.

Sporty body but meter and a half height. Sit in the salon chair but do not touch the ground with your feet.

Many people think they are sunshine. Then give yourself the right to be dazzling.

Please compress a few strings to read this sentence. It took me a few seconds to read this far… thank you.

Friends are when they see a fall, they will run to help. Don’t wait for your breath to die before coming to light incense.

Best friends are close friends.

When you’re sad call me, I don’t promise to make you happy. But I promise to… laugh in your face.

Finding a friend is not difficult. The difficult thing is that he is a good person… chess.

Play with you wholeheartedly. You play again… soulless. Play with your heart, you play with all your heart.

The teacher said, “Learning is a lifelong thing”. So you can take the day off to study tomorrow.

Why is the camera lens round and the image square?

There are sorrows that are rooted in the wallet.

“Don’t think I can’t see anything up here” is the immortal saying of the teacher.

Common sayings during the 15-minute exam:
Miss, do you copy the title?
Can I use an eraser?
Give me a piece of paper
Give me a copy
She waits for me a little longer

Learning is a big thing, playing is just a small thing. But if you can’t do small things, how can you do big things?

Determined to go to university. To go to the city to see girls.

The teacher’s restless saying:
Do you write by hand or by mouth?
I’ve never been in a class like this in my entire life.
Parents at home are bent over to get money to eat and study and study like this.
This year’s exam papers are the same as last year’s (actually not at all).

Going to study tonight. When I opened it again, it was long, so I stopped.

A best friend is someone who even beat you to death and won’t give you a compliment. But never badmouthing you to another kid.

A dog in a foreign country is considered a friend, while in our country, you are considered a dog.

Never tell your secrets to your best friend. Because when he knows, everyone knows.

I love you with me. Although they are in different classes, they share the same topic.

The vicious gangster is not equal to the Vietnamese lag network.

If there were no students, the teachers would lose their teaching.

The hottest funny sayings of young people

Young people today often create unique humorous sayings about different categories of life to cut the wind and entertain in meetings and reunions. Here is a collection of such cool funny sayings.

Life is a long play. I am the main character in both comedy and tragedy…

– Money is paper, see the grab

– Never rush for a girlfriend when no one loves you!

– If you are poor, you can spend money to be rich and less surprised.

– Light precedes sound, so people look smart until we hear them speak!

– Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

Conscience is something that feels hurt while other parts of the body feel good.

– From afar, it looks like Thuy Kieu, near and close, I know Chi Pheo’s lover.

– Behind a man’s success is always a woman and behind a man’s failure is a real woman.

– If love is light, then marriage is electricity bill!

The best medicine for you is laughter. But when you laugh for no reason, then you need medicine.

– If that day didn’t go to you, didn’t meet you… now I’d be rich.

– Hey money, do you miss my wallet? Wallet is sitting with his mouth open and watching the money come back. Money goes not keep promises. If you go and go, will you come back again?

– With you, I am strangely peaceful. Away from you, I feel strange but also quite peaceful.

The shortest way to go from a heart to a heart is a blood transfusion.

A good wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong.

– Love is immortal, only the lover can change.

– I am not a “washing specialist OMO” so that I can get rid of sad and annoying things… I also don’t want to be Comfort or Downy for a long time, clinging to trivial things all day long.

– We love animals, because… their meat is delicious.

– The lover is not born and does not die by itself, but it just transfers from one hand to another!!!

The use of soldiers is not as precious as speed, and the use of women is not as valuable as flattery.

– Behind every successful man there is always a woman………….saying that he will never do anything good.!!

– Choose a place to eat, choose a place to play, choose a place to wander.

– Secret kisses are always the sweetest and always have the most hidden slaps.

To love someone is hard, to kick it is even harder.

– Peacock stone is an art and the person who kicks the stone is also an artist.

– Friendship after love is the bullet of favor of the death row inmate.

– Everyone’s house lights are on, his friend’s wife is trying to take care.

– A woman’s flesh is nourished by affection, a woman’s heart is nourished by funds.

– For our Children’s future. Beat their children to death!!

– Do not talk while kissing.

– Studying is like a fish braised with pepper, if you have a lot of salt, you will be stupid.

– Fish do not eat salt spoilage. I don’t eat salt….missing iodine, my dear.

Money doesn’t matter, the problem is no money.

– Hundred years of overseas Vietnamese are still overseas. So the first time is difficult, of course.

– Don’t go looking for perfect people, because no one is perfect. Only when you love them will they be complete.

– The flowers that grow on the snow are still fresh, the person who is still smiling in pain is you.

– No matter what anyone says, the lazy guy still keeps copying the lesson.

– Love each other, the fruit is also round, hate each other even though the shoes are worn, they will also be divided.

– I love you even mountains to climb
Several river wading, some also pass through
But now busy playing billiards
Well, I’ll go home because it’s not far from home.

– Why do you study, what do you do in exams, Tu Xuong still fails, let alone me

– There are days when grinding iron… bottle hands

– The learning motto of modern youth today is: sleep in the sun, rest in the rain, go out in the shade

– Where does happiness come from pink? Have you ever done anything to anyone for nothing.

– Love is to say like hunger is to eat

– When we parted, I thought I could forget a part of the past about you… who would have thought. I completely forgot, lol

– I used to do everything with empty hands. By now I have a huge debt

Beautiful just to love, graceful just to look at. But the short but loving legs … are passionate for a lifetime.

Above is funny quotes that we collect. Hope you have a good time after a tiring day of work and study. Always create laughter for yourself so that all sadness has no way to creep into your soul!

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