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Funny sayings about love help you realize that love stories also have many different levels of emotions. It’s not always sad or angry. But the love that remains is the laughter, the humorous teasing so that both hearts with the same beat always feel a very deep connection.

The best funny quotes about love today

Funny sayings about love love Today’s best below proves it. When it comes to love, people will immediately think of the sweet, romantic, timid, shy flavor. But that alone is not enough to make a colorful and colorful flavor of love. Love sometimes needs to add a little humor and wit of its own.

1. Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

2. I don’t lack money, but I don’t have a lot of money…

3. Step into my house, the driver’s shadow.
Waited five minutes for my father to come out.
Poetry in front of some dogs
Scattered on the back of the feather broom.

4. In the US:
Turn off the lights: Protect the environment.
At France:
Turn off the lights: Light up the future.
In Vietnam:
Lights out: Population growth.

5. “The subscriber you just called…is currently…on top of another subscriber. Please call back another time.”

6. “If there is no beginning, there will be no end. But…if there is no end…there will be no beginning.”

7. Women are like roads,
The more curvy the road, the more dangerous it is!

8. “Love is like a glass rose, brilliant and shimmering but fragile and fragile. Because it’s fragile, most people often equip it a lot… in case it breaks, there’s still something to replace it.”

9. “I can resist everything…except temptation”

10. I’m healthy, I’m beautiful, I’m not civilized
Who criticizes him, he despises the whole ward
You are so cute and precious
Who criticizes him, he is similar to his mouth.

11. Love comes and goes, but illness, children and debt will stay…

12. He is handsome, gallant, very suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

13. I’m a wave, but please don’t be like a wave…Having rushed in, please don’t go back to sea

14. Sometimes on the busy road of life. I accidentally forgot to pull the perm-tuya !
I’m leaving tomorrow, oh my god please don’t come back…

15. My heart only opens twice
Pick him and kicked him in.

16. When I’m with you, I’m so peaceful
Away from you, I feel strange but also quite peaceful.

17. God is so unfair:
Create a daughter to be a son.
But make me a son to make a girl happy.

18. Love each other in the light…but fuck each other in the dark!…Lol….

19. If you were a pack of opium, I’d be the first one
If you’re a madhouse, I’ll be a madman forever.

20. Smoking is not cool, smoking is to defecate.

21. Being a boy should be a boy, falling in love is a couple of three children.

22. Happiness is not in money but in its quantity.

23. There were many times on the edge of the bed – we accidentally bumped into each other.

24. Like to have to move to the finish line
Once it does not move, it disappears without explanation.

25. Love is eternal. And only one thing is allowed to change. That’s the lover.

26. When I was a kid, I thought that if I was naked, I would go to the bathroom
Growing up, I learned that I don’t just take a bath to get naked.

27. Being online is a must avai
I wish I turned into a melon
Let me take you in when I take a selfie.

28. The life of a man has 3 pleasures:
1- Get married. 2- Being abandoned by his wife. 3- Get married again.

29. Behind the success of a knitter is always a woman, and behind the failure of a knitter is a real woman.

30. The lights in everyone’s house are on. Whose wife, that guy… bored”

Funny sayings about unique love

In any situation, as long as you use your creative words to write a status post right on the facebook wall, when he or she receives it, he will definitely not be able to hold back his laughter because of the mischief and humor. funny to your lovely.

31. “Love without being reciprocated is painful. But it will be even more painful to love someone but never dare to confess.”

32. Meeting is a gathering cloud, separation is a melting pot,
will not affect the beauty of the sky.

33. There are 2 actions that only people can freely express when they are drunk
naturally, openly, and honestly. That is:

34. To live is to know how to give! Give everything, only to realize that it is very difficult to get it back…

35. You are the sea, I am the coral. Lack of sea coral, the sea still alive. Coral without the sea dies and dries up.

36. Teasing girls is an art
The person who teases the girl is an artist
Being slapped by a girl when teasing is just an occupational accident.

37. Flies Day, Month Mosquito, Year Flea
Missing my lover at night with fever.

38. If you want to be successful, you must know how to keep a secret
Therefore, “throw has to know how to hide”.

39. There’s no chicken meat
Men without women lose joy.

40. When people love each other, people often swear to live and die together, and when they hate each other, people often swear to live and die together.

41. Marriage always gives you a privilege: only someone who has it can get a divorce.

42. It’s easier to die for the woman you love than to live with them.

43. Promise is what a fraudster often says to a fool.

44. Sometimes happiness is not being loved by someone
but there is one person who makes me so quiet that I forget everything.
It is happy and it is also sad…

45. Men are not afraid of difficulty, not afraid of suffering, just afraid of dryness.
Women are not afraid of being tired, not afraid of being tired, just afraid of being soft…

46. ​​Conscience is something that feels hurt while other parts of the body feel good.

47. Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

48. I don’t lack money, but I don’t have a lot of money…

49. Science proves: “Beer is more toxic than wine”, proof that in the world there is only “beer grave” but no “wine grave”.

50. A complete woman is: bright face, noon face, afternoon face, dark face.

51. We have: Pig = eat + sleep; people = eat + sleep + work + play => Human = Pig + work + play We have: People – play = Pig + go to work Meaning: People who do not know how to play = Pigs go to work.

52. In a classifieds category: “Male, 25 years old, 1.8m tall, 72 kg weight, still single. Successful, handsome, healthy, smart, owns two BMWs, a sailboat, a mansion in Hawaii, two houses downtown. Not buy. Not sold. Also not looking for a girlfriend. I just wanted to show it off.”

53. Love each other in the light…but fuck each other in the dark!…Lol…

54. My heart only opens twice.

55. Pick him up and kick him out.

56. Money is not lacking, mostly there is no money
Love is a lot, basically no lover.

57. The commoners who play well crush the people who play…

58. Everything begins with difficulty, but hardships begin to feel discouraged…

59. After a divorce, a man has to do his own laundry…instead of having to do both before.

60. Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

TOP funny stories about love are HUGE right now

In life as well as in love, humor is always scored high in the eyes of the opposite person. Funny but not too funny, funny but still has its own subtlety, which is worth quite a lot.

61. A complete woman: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the afternoon, in the dark.

62. Maiden is an abbreviation for young…feminine.

63. Although not born in the same year, same month, same day, but vow to live on the same day, same month, same year.

64. Life and death together, sickness and disease…

65. Good people are many, but reasonable people are few…

66. What is love?

Love is wearing cuffs around the neck

It’s torturing yourself

It is a loss of weight loss of meat

Is the future is dark Is the money to spend

67. Can anyone define the word love?

It’s not difficult to ask more…

When you love you will understand

That “that” people call love

268. Falling in love with each other is also round, hating each other even if worn out, they also share.

69. Not enough memory to call it love. Not forgetting enough to be a stranger. You haunt me between two cruel dimensions. Leaning to one side against the other.

70. If you were a tear in me, I would cry so you could roll down to touch my lips. But if you were my teardrop, I would never cry because I don’t want to lose you.

71. If you’re a madhouse, I’ll be a madman forever.

72. He lost half of my soul…. The other half is still normal.

73. Love is only beautiful when it’s unfinished. Get married and die faster

74. I love you like Uncle Ho patriotic

Losing you is like France losing Indochina

75. I grew up under breast milk

Foolish in front of your breasts again!

76. Can anyone define the word *LOVE* ?

It’s not difficult one afternoon

Knife to his neck: *LOVE OR DEATH!?*

Nod your head like that *LOVE*

77. A cool windy afternoon… Draw a picture of you in the sand… I got a slap… Of another cow… I’ve been watching…. I’m still bewildered… Just ate another slap… Oh love in the sand… So sour and acrid

78. If you were a pack of opium, I’d be the first one

79. In front of the church gate, you and me

The two of them kissed, god stood and watched

Startled God said: hey two children!

Kissing like that…God wants it too.

80. Autumn leaves yellow leaves, he leaves her a son, Autumn follows autumn, boy follows boy was born.

82. Can anyone define the word “LOVE”

It’s not difficult one afternoon

Meet her in front of the toilet

Inviting her to go first is “LOVE”.

83. Can anyone define love?

What does an afternoon mean?

The two of them went to the noodle shop

I love it so much that I love it at the same time

84. Can anyone define love?

What does an afternoon mean?

Meet me to “bridge” without bringing paper

Hand holding paper is so love!

85. I just wish for a prairie full of dogs

A farm full of green apricot leaves

A range of Truong Sons planted with lemongrass and chili

A river filled with alcohol mixed with alcohol

To where he cultivated his days

Far away from the dust and forget your shadow…

86. Don’t say love is crazy and then still innocently betray :’)

Don’t compete with society to live with an innocent face pretending to be deer :-s

87. Beauty is only for love,

lovely just to see ^^

But… Ugly but loving is passionate about life! =))

The hottest love quotes and funny quotes

Funny sayings about love, become a topic of discussion shared by young people today. But funny jokes about love help relieve stress, help someone forget the hurt and grief in love.

1. When people love each other, people often swear to live and die together, and when they hate each other, people often swear to live and die together.

2. Love each other in the morning…but fuck each other in the dark!

3. The lover is ephemeral, the teacher is eternal…..

4. My heart only opens twice.

Pick him and kicked him in

5. Bloody Jianghu I’m not afraid, just afraid of the way back… see your shadow!

6. Love is immortal, is eternal. In love, the only thing that can be changed is the lover.

11. I love you without cheating

One meter long love has spare

I love you not afraid of pain

Five in the coffin poked his neck out…

12. Baby, marry me, I can give you everything in the future… From cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, taking care of children, etc., I give up everything.

13. Happiness is when someone understands you, someone loves you, and someone makes you happy. Most importantly, don’t let those 3 meet.

14. Never hold on to things that are not yours. But you must be enthusiastic as long as it belongs to you.
10. Hated sentence: Without you, I can’t live. Without you, I cannot live. For me, only lack of food can’t live.

15. Good wife

– Do not force your husband to cook rice

– Do not force your husband to do laundry

– Do not force your husband to clean the house

– Do not force husband to take care of children

But just glance at the husband has to do.

7. It’s easier to die for the woman you love than to live with them.

8. Nothing saves time and money more than falling in love at first sight.

9. A comprehensive woman is: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the afternoon and at night. ^ ^

10. To love is to speak, just as to be hungry is to eat.

Funny sayings about love wittily received “millions of likes” just shared with you above, hope you will apply it immediately to make your “other half” feel really excited. Love, besides being gentle, shy and romantic, also needs a little humor and wit to enhance the colorful flavor of love. Don’t forget to share funny sayings here it is!

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