Tour du lịch Nha Trang từ Hà Nội giá ƯU ĐÃI nhất

Chào mừng bạn đến với website Bảng Giá Online,Hôm nay chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu bạn đến bài viết  Tour du lịch Nha Trang từ Hà Nội giá ƯU ĐÃI nhất Hãy cùng tìm hiểu bài viết Tour du lịch Nha Trang từ Hà Nội giá ƯU ĐÃI nhất này nhé!

Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

If you are preparing travel to Nha Trang To “let off steam”, relax at the end of the year, visitors should quickly find out about the latest promotions of Vinpearl. Including Nha Trang tour 4 days 3 nights, Nha Trang tour from Hanoi… are all super attractive tours that shouldn’t be missed.

1. The benefits when buying Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

There are many ways to visit the Nha Trang tourist destinationfrom resort tourism of couples and families; backpacking tourism of groups of young people who love to explore… However, if you choose to buy Nha Trang tour Customers will gain the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: Buying Nha Trang tours will always be more cost-effective than buying individual services. The reason is that travel agencies/airlines/hotels often have their own preferential policies for customers who book in advance;
  • Save time: The tours have been fully designed with the services customers want, so customers don’t have to waste time thinking and planning where to go to have fun, making the trip more comfortable and complete;
  • Guaranteed tour quality: Customers ordering Nha Trang tours at Vinpearl are always committed to enjoy the most diverse and professional entertainment and resort services.

In addition, when becoming a loyal customer of Vinpearl, customers also have the opportunity to receive incentives such as Vouchers, thank you gifts…

Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

However, the destinations in the tour are usually pre-designed, fixed and unchanged. Therefore, visitors can choose a combo form that includes round-trip airfare, rooms at a discount and design their own destination according to the desired schedule. The combo cost is both preferential and includes free services such as breakfast or tickets to the zoo/amusement area…

Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

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2. Suggest the most attractive Nha Trang travel combos from Hanoi

Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

When ordering combos LET’S GO departing from Hanoi to Nha Trang, visitors will receive the following attractive incentives:

  • Included Round-trip airfare of Bamboo Airways including 20kg of checked baggage and 07kg of hand luggage;
  • Rest, enjoy 02 nights stay at the room/Villa;
  • Enjoy 02 breakfasts or 03 meals per day (depending on the service package selected by the customer).

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3. Notes when buying Nha Trang travel combo from Hanoi you need to know

Before ordering a combo/tour to Nha Trang from Hanoi, please note the following:

  • Good price combos are not always available, so customers should monitor Vinpearl’s website/fanpage/App regularly to update the latest programs;
  • Customers pay attention to carefully read information about the service they intend to buy before ordering to avoid problems. Some items customers should pay attention to are: services included and excluded, time of application, maximum number of people applicable tour;
  • If you need advice on service package information, please contact Hotline for support.

Nha Trang tour from Hanoi

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